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They are very understanding.

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They are understanding and help out people as much as they can. Once you get hired, they try to help keep you working. This is the best I can answer for now.
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Great Leadership

Great work environment and above and beyond accommodating. Plenty of room for growth and learning opportunities. Leadership and management are great mentors and are always willing to help.
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Productive workplace

Productive workplace at times, sometimes there wasn’t any work though and I had to leave home . But other than that I liked working where they placed me in. I just wish they would have hired all the temps.
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They keep me working.

They have work for me often. They are very friendly, and professional. Staffmark offers benefits health, medical, 401k, life insurance. Paid time off.
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Pay is always late and hours are Shorted

If You work for staffmark then be sure to keep up with your hours and make sure that they are put them in on time or you will get paid late..they dont like when you find a better job either..then the attitude comes shortly after.. they go from being friendly to not wanting to help at all.. i found a better paying job through a company not the agency and they didn’t like that at all…whole attitude changed…😂😂😂
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Staff was very rude hopefully it changed. They were able to find job but jobs weren’t that great. The drug test was pretty easy and overall an okay experience
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Fun to work difference between the two of the company to see what is out there to the different Jobs I have had. Working is hard about Worth it Worth it.
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No groth

They pay good local work but there are some mess up in the head people out here that would do you like a snail. I drive truck not to hang out and talk rap.
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They have many opportunities

Most places treat temp employees as expendable and usually end up with the jobs no one else wants. A lot of times they treat you like uneducated persons with no ability to think . Not Staffmarks fault as they only supply bodies, they don't have any authority or know how employees are being treated until you get tired of being treated like dirt and you quit or walk off the job. Make sure you ask loads of questions before accepting an assignment.
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Animal supply

Animal supply is a good company to advance in your cdl career if your starting out very good experience.but always look over your shoulder and DEFEND YOUR CDL….and make sure dispatch gives you proper ROUTE DIRECTIONS I have 1point due to lack of experience and not being Forewarned. dispatch SHOULD have the best interest for drivers .but all most the time NOT the case ….sink or swim good pay .BUT …..WHAT Fits your lifestyle plenty good LOCAL TRUCKING companies if u be patient and look

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Get money

Kontra érvek

Overtime is not always good …. Uncle Sam REMEMBER THAT!!!
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Good place to work, hours fly by.

Manager and staff are very helpful and understanding. Thanks to them I learned and got more experience on hands on work. What I enjoyed about this job was that the hours flew by and the fact co workers become like family. The only downfall is that management has favoritism.
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Having to put in 90 days to get hired.

I liked my job I got through and just didn't like how long you have to put in before the company can hire you full time. 400 hrs is to many hours. I get the the employer wants to see how you work but I think staffing services take advantage of this.

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Got paid for lunch

Kontra érvek

That I didn't get 40 hrs a week
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I’d highly recommend avoiding working for staffmark

Extremely disorganized and unprofessional your a # to them that’s all. StaffMark went through 4 reps in 3months when I started if that explains anything. New training classes every week also shows they can’t keep staff and don’t plan on it.
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The culture here is absolutely amazing. I recommend hands down for that reason alone. The work life balance could use some work in some areas. They definitely want to see people grow and succeed and that’s worth a million!

Pro érvek

Permissive PTO

Kontra érvek

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Busy workplace

It's a really good job if you like hard labor, I personally enjoy hard work, specially when it comes to dealing with somewhat heavy objects keeps you in shape, and not only that you just feel better at the end of your shift.
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I had an amazing experience an I recommend for everyone if your looking for a fresh start an great compensation this is the place to be

Staffmark have been very kind an amazingly friendly to me they also communicate my every need an made sure I was comfortable in my new position each step of the way I highly recommend this company for anyone who is actively seeking employment great pay an benefits 😁
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Good staffing agency

Works with you very well, considerate, good jobs with high pay compared to most places! If you can’t find a good fit they’ll find one for you! Very easy to work
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Unreliable and poor stability.

Went in for orientation, there were about 30 people that showed up. And was told we have to come back a week later for work. I asked if worst case scenario we were to be out of work again if I could work somewhere else. The next day I show up to work to be told there was no work and to come back tomorrow. I was only there for maybe thirty minutes, I texted them letting them know they won't let us work, and if I could work else where. They did provide me with an option of work elsewhere but it was for less money. I know, things happen and alot of the time it isn't anyone's fault. But to hire all these people and to not be reliable and have stability is ridiculous. Especially, when some people have left their job to go work there. Granted, it's a temp service I didn't expect too much, but this is one of the worst experiences Ive had with one. Other than the poor reliability, they seem nice and respectful.
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It was ok

The place was ok but I wished they told me the truth about how much I was being paid and also they need to tell us if we are or not have any work for us
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Uses you and spits u out

No good place to work to be completely frigging absolutely honest with you, honesty.. really, yes I'm telling you the truth, for real.Travel is long and they don't compensate you.
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Awesome company culture

I am very proud to say that I absolutely love my job and what I do everyday. I get a lot of support from our leadership team and never feel like I'm on an island by myself. Our CEO is amazing and her leadership is passed down to everyone in the company. There are way more good days then there are bad and it makes me want to push to help this company succeed.

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Leadership, Culture, Support System, Benefits

Kontra érvek

We have a lot of stuff to learn.
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