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challenging enviroment

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great environment. Learned to work as a team and in a diverse culture. Management is helpful, and easy to get along with. The best thing about working here is the perks and the people and sense of accomplishment.
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Good benefits. Good opportunity for advancement. Needs improvement in areas of diversity and technology.

Southwest Airlines is definitely a good place to begin a career and in most cases people get hired and NEVER leave (truth). The company offers lots of benefits and perks such as full medical, dental, life, etc. They match your 401k contributions dollar for dollar up to 9.3%. They also give each employee a percentage of profit sharing although most employees only receive it as part of their retirement plans and are only able to access the funds upon leaving the company (in any manner). Every employee and their eligible dependents can fly for free although it is only standby so if there aren’t any seats available you will not get on the flight. This is the same as with all airlines I might add. Southwest now gives the employees the option to receive frequent flyer miles which helps with being able to book tickets instead of waiting for an empty seat. They also give employees several discounted coupon codes to use when booking tickets. Great perks. Southwest does a great job of promoting from within regardless of educational level and experience. This can be both a pro and con since some upper level management team members are highly unqualified to lead. There is also a noticeable lack of diversity among upper level management and also within the Flight Attendant and Pilot workgroups. The company has recently created a Diversity and Equity Committee because of lots of pushback from workgroups but the Committee itself is not diverse. Southwest also lacks current technology in several departments. Their systems don’t work together seamlessly so it causes chaos whenever things get - 

Pro érvek

Free flights!!!! Great Healthcare Options! Good Salaries and Perks! Fun Parties!

Kontra érvek

Lack of Quality Leadership and Consistent Dismissal of Valid Employee Concerns
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Don't know if I made the right decision

I have been working here for 7 months. This company is based on seniority for everything. If you request a day off and someone with higher seniority than you requests that same day, you don't get it. You bid for your schedule/shift. Being new, more than likely you will work nights. Working nights, you will be given mandatory overtime, due to flight delays or cancelations. There is no room for trying to go to school while working for this company. Overheard a Supervisor say that the company doesn't want you to have a life, but be totally dedicated to you. Many new hires are unhappy and several are looking to leave, including one that will be leaving the end of this week. The senior agents were not very welcoming to the new hires. I'm unable to enjoy my family because working nights, it's hard to get anyone to switch with you. You do have the opportunity to pick up extra shifts if you want to. Leadership is never on the same page. If I ask one person a question, they tell me one thing, but another leader gives a totally different answer. Communication is horrible. We were told on the day of orientation that probation is 6 months. It is now my 7th month working, and headquarters states I'm off of probation, but management says I'm not. This is also a union based company. You pay for parking off site.

Pro érvek

Union, health benefits, free flights IF you can get on

Kontra érvek

Mandatory overtime, starting pay should be more, no work life balance
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Fun place to work

You have to bid on your schedule every three months but most of the time you get what you want. If it's slow, they let you go home early if you want.
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Which Department you work in determines so much

So many areas are controlled by a union, which changes your benefits, your culture, everything. Outside of the unions, there are many areas that employ a LARGE number of contractors. Those areas are going to have less of that great SWA culture vibe simply because contractors don't care for that other "stuff". And then, with Covid, so many of the long timers are gone, and SOOOOOO many newbies have been hired, the long-time die-hard bleed-canyon-blue employees are gone and the new guys don't get it.... yet... I hope.
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If you have no kids or life this is the perfect job

No work life balance shifts based on seniority long probation period and harsh point system to lateness/attendance good pay flights are free but on a standby must by guaranteed seats
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Unappreciated and Overworked

Southwest airlines is more concerned with aligning themselves with whatever is the current status quo. They have a woke agenda. It is not the company it was 15 years ago. They discard good employees in a heart beat. No job security at all. Don't wate your time.
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Great pay after 11 years

Pay scale is way to dragged out. Needs to be cut in half. Great job. Union(That doesn’t mean much. They are lazy and don’t help). Management in Phoenix needs a complete cleanse. All new people need to be running it. Other than that it’s not bad
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Great training and company

I learned so much during training but there is so much more to the job. Calls from many great customers and sometimes they have tough issues to work through. I had to leave due to personal reasons. I would love to return.
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Great place

Great place with great coworkers . Always outside in all types of weather. Hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Wet in the spring.
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Your position determines your value

I heard so many great stories when I got to southwest about how well they treat employees but unfortunately that was not my experience I use to help out on flights without being asked I ran out to flights holding out at gates that I wasn’t even assigned to and at the end of the day I still got let go for missing work due to a documented medical condition

Pro érvek

Great people

Kontra érvek

Poor Management, Lack of consistent and clear communication between management and regular agents
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Ok company for pay and...but....

Pay and benefits are pretty descent, but the work life balance is horrible. You can literally be given mandatory overtime as your clocking out or on your days off and etc with little care to what you may have going on. Beware of the station manager and one of the supervisors at the MSY station. They are a true definition of a snake in a unicorn costume. Southwest used to be a employee first company but it slowly adopting the legacy carriers mentality that all employees are drones.
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Very flexible you do not have minimum hours you must work you can trade and give away shifts. Dream work/life balance. WFH and pretty laid back in you don’t mind being attached to a headset this jobs for you.
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Fun Place to work

Really fun place to work…Management seems to really care. Interacting with customers is the best. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone interested in the Airline Industry.
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It's truly like all other Airlines

While the majority of the employees have a good work ethic, the very few, (one femaleUnion rep in particular) bring the station, and moral down by constantly playing system to get out of work. Upper management lack of discipline, just sweeps everything under the rug.

Pro érvek

Flight benefits, generous matching 401 K

Kontra érvek

Upper management failure to discipline problem emoloyees
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It’s hard helping people that are mad.

It had become more about the money then agents. Not enough support and communication. When SWA puts something out the agents are last to know. I did enjoy talking to customers and working with a lot of great people.
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Best place I've ever worked

It's the best paying airline in the country right now. The hiring process is intimidating as is the training. Get through that and the first 3 years online and it's great.
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Great company to work for

Great company to work for that takes care of their employees, many great benefits from health insurance to lots of perks. Shift work around the clock, 3 shifts to choose from and overtime availability
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Disappointed and feel disrespected

I love this company but I am saddened I lost my job when I felt that I was so loyal to this company on July 1st I got into an accident on the way to an appointment after being injured at my job I gave them all the proper documentation and respect the way they do things but they told me I had to be at work and was still injured so I did everything in my power to make it work to come in I had to find daycare within 30 mins to be at work that was impossible so I did what I could my vehicle was in a tow truck lot and was undisclosed to me it had my id in it so I spent almost the whole day talking to my insurance and I even had my insurance talk with southwest to let them know the situation which apparently wasn’t good enough because I got there the next day still injured mind you and instead of going to work they fired me I feel so disappointed this was my dream job I wish I could get it back I was a very hard worker and tried my best to help everyone as well I was always 30 minutes to an hour early and work the overtime always
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Great Bosses

Great company to work for. Good training as well. Long hours plenty of overtime. Must enjoy being outside in ALL Weather conditions, flight lands rain shine snow sleet....must unload and load aircraft to keep it on time FAA.
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It's ok.

It requires too much of your time, energy and vibration. You will work with some good people, passengers can be great to work with but they can also be Heck on wheels!!!
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