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Vélemény írásaól is a superior 24/7 virtual receptionist service that specializes in converting new potential clients who call, text, or chat on your website. Our professional, friendly North America-based receptionists do much more than answer calls and take messages — we screen potential clients based on your criteria, schedule appointments on your calendar, – 

Why Us? was founded with a mission to help business owners succeed. Justin's mother owned a graphic design studio, and he saw first-hand that the overhead of running the business — not the work itself — dominated the daily schedule. Aaron, cofounder of RedBeacon and later CTO of Home Depot, spent time with thousands of professionals across industries, hearing the same story: it's hard to be excellent at what you do if you don't always have time to do it. And we're uniquely qualified. Our team brings together leadership from companies that know small & medium businesses — Google, Intuit, and Home Depot. We build and develop our technology in-house, based on feedback and requests from customers. This means when you need something, we can do it — unlike other services without their own engineering teams. We've logged tens of thousands of hours working directly with law firms, IT consultancies, and more, getting to know what moves the needle on their business, and how we can help.

Our Team

Our company was born in California, but the team is now spread across the world, mostly in North America, with a cluster of engineers in Spain. Our phone receptionists are spread across North America — from Washington to Florida, Canada to Mexico. Our chat agents are also located primarily in North America. To meet client expectations of 24/7 live chat, we utilize a highly skilled global workforce backed by our sophisticated AI technology, ensuring that high standards are met no matter the time of day or night.


Come work with us! Working at allows you to earn income and grow your career from the comfort and convenience of your home, all while helping small businesses thrive. Work remotely, yet closely, with a team of receptionists operating around the country to answer calls and web chats on behalf of businesses. We promote a fun and productive work environment that is challenging, varied, and highly rewarding. We operate 24/7, nearly every day of the year, except for a few holidays. We hire for both full-time (40 hours/week) and part-time positions. For part-time positions, you must be available 5 hours a day, 5 days a week (the more the better). Shifts are broken into 2- to 5-hour blocks and are scheduled based on the business needs of and its clients, as well as your availability.