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Great Job

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Love the company and the job. Great people to work with . Trainings are great with plenty of support afterwards. If time off is needed they will work with you to make sure you are covered and have the time you need.
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Good company to work for

The pay is not bad either. My only problem was, I was in Fidelis. Didn't like it. I got sick with COVID and had to take some time off. When I got back, they put me in Web Support. I loved it! But then weeks later they say it's too many people in WS and put me right back in Fidelis!
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Poor upper management

Poor upper management with no beneficial advancement available. Upper management is all about bottom number and not about the employee. Very high turn over rate
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Pésima administración. Salarios bajos. Ideal para trabajo de verano o cuando estás muy desesperado por trabajo. No existen bonos justos (Ni siquiera para los mandos medios). Las métricas nunca tienen sentido. Jamás hay oportunidad de crecimiento. No hay flexibilidad. El personal está cansado todo el tiempo. Te obligan a tomar un horario que no te gusta. La carga de trabajo es inhumana. Y las horas extras jamás son pagadas de manera adecuada. Si quieres traumatizarte y sufrir de depresión, trabaja en Results.

Pro érvek

Te contratan muy rápido

Kontra érvek

Te explotan sin nunguna compensación adecuada
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Fired for no reason, great work place

I got fired for no reason, I loved my job and the company but got fired for an excuse that made no sense….I really liked my job at resultscx and the company is great if you like taking calls and helping customers like I did.
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This is the worse company I have ever worked for

I would have to say this is one of the worse companies I have ever worked for. Every week threatening your job so you will scramble to keep said job only for them to criticize your job performance and tell you to slow down only for the following week for your job to be threatened. It is a never ending cycle. Management is never there for help only to throw you under the proverbial bus to the higher ups to make themselves look good. I can’t wait till I find a new job with a healthy working environment.
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Not a great work option

If you're despised for a job, I mean really desperate, then maybe consider here only to fill time while you keep looking for something better.The will randomly withhold pay, blame it on a system issue that never gets resolved, expectations are commensurate with a $75k job but pay is minimum wage to $15/hr. They will keep adding responsibility with no additional compensation. FURTHERMORE, they will tell you completely opposite things from the interview process & actual expectations after training.Training is extremely unorganized & wrought with massive technical difficulties as they expect you to run a virtual desktop within a virtual desktop within yet another Belvidere desktop on your own computer, then blame you when the system lags.You have been warned.

Pro érvek

It's a job (a bad one, but a job none the less)

Kontra érvek

Read the above
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Don’t do it

Multiple days a month had to work long hours even if you schedule wasn’t supposed to be. Workplace culture went down hill quick once Results got involved.
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Good managment long calls

Strict schedule aherance, managers busy but get back to you asap. Long calls, upwards of an hour for some of them
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Fun workplace

I have been working at results for almost 3 months and I love it. Training was great and co-workers and the supervisors are always there when you need help.
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Stressful working environment. Employees are not getting paid well. Incentives and scorecards were getting manipulated by the bosses.

Stressful working environment. Employees are not getting paid well. Incentives and scorecards were getting manipulated by the bosses.will not recommend this company to any of my friends
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Bad management

Bad management and there is favoritism , the pay is low I would not recommend for the stress you are out under. All the supervisors there have there favorites.
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Buen ambiente, mala paga

Muy buen ambiente laboral accesibles con los horarios pero mala paga no hay posibilidad de subir de puesto si no tienes alguna relación con alguien más arriba por más que seas buena gente y tus números estén en verde o seas agente del mes no hay posibilidad de subir de puesto si no tienes a alguien más arriba que te ayude
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Career growth

If your looking for a company for career growth, this is the place to be. People there had keen eyes for those applicants who have potentialSalary and benefits are so so. Don't expect much
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Productive and fun environment. My team helps me out if needed.

Fun co-workers who are willing to help you and guide you if necessary. The working hours flexibility and they are willing to hear out the concerns and suggestions of their employees.
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Bad training

I had to play catch up.I went through the training for 3 weeks without the programs needed to do the job and even when I did receive some of said programs I had to learn how to use it on the spot.Pros: None
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Horrible company to work for!

This is a horrible company to work for, they do not respect their employees. They are understaffed in the management department and do not try to correct it. Systems are constantly having issues. Some members of upper management are extremely disrespectful.
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People oriented and work closely as a team

I grown a lot from this company and I may say that its not just a company but a family too. I learn and appreciate the management specially during this pandemic who stands with us and help us to the best they can.

Pro érvek

Shuttle service

Kontra érvek

Salary and no incentives
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Not a good place to work.

This is definitely not the best place to work. Training is horrible. Showed power points one day and put on the phones the next with no warning. Very frustrating place to work!
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Unfair and unprofessional

The training is terrible you don’t learn properly I worked for Centine first the training was a little bit better than the BC BSM I worked for second you let them know the training is terrible get very little hands-on in the beginning you’re thrown onto the phones and not enough help. I was fired with no warning and no write ups and never showed me the calls or let me explain. And I was with them for almost 2 years.
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Ok place to work.

Ok place to work. Salary is very low and could be more for the amount of work that was required. Overall not a bad place but no room for advancement with the company.
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