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Fun Place to Work

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It could be better. Co-workers wise, we're family, but, we've been in contract discussions since 2018, and still the company doesn't proposed something that makes you feel "cared". The Union is the worse of the whole industry! I think it's the only Union that sees over the company instead of the employees who pays their duties. I like the benefits, though. I get to flight easily in any of the 3 major carriers, and you can hold a line fast, depending on the base you pick. In 5 months, I already held a line, and get to pick and trade to fix my schedule according to my NEEDS, and I live in base. Bad thing, the salary. It is THE WORSE...!
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Training is horrible and pay is not great.

Hired as a first officer in training. The pay is below standard compared to other companies. Union does not try to actively get a new contract or improve what is happening. Training was horrible. Instructors not show up to lessons, No reschedules, Instructors show up to lessons and want to talk about their dogs rather then teach and waste student time. Lots of news instructors that don't know expectations. Communication is all via email and that may as well be non existent. They may get back to you in a week if you are lucky.
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Low morale

Morale is very low and management doesn't care. The pay is hardly worth it now that other airlines are giving significant raises to new hires and retention bonuses to senior employees. Republic does none of that.
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Low Pay, used and abused, but nice co-workers

Only paid while in the air, but spend most of the day sitting in airports. Crew scheduling expects way too much, which you find yourself mentally and physically exhausted very quickly. Co-workers are pleasant to work worth. Very hard to use flight benefits.
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Terrible pay

Pay sucks if you’re a new employee the demand of the job and the pay does not match a lot of new hires quit. But it’s a good experience if you can get based at home && work from home the flight benefits are good and the actual benefits are ok
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The intangibles

The culture, benefits and being able to have a voice is what I find to be important in the workplace. Republic airways allows for all of these things. I feel my role is as important as any other role . Opportunity Elevated is what Republic stands by with employees, Prospects, as well as introducing aviation in communities, schools etc. I enjoy working for Republic Airways.

Pro érvek

Travel Benefits
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Good for a regional.

For a regional I feel like this is one of the top places to start off/work. Have lots of friends at other regionals and from what I hear republic does a pretty good job. Cons is pay. $20 an hour is not sufficient. For having shared operational control for all the flights you do a day you don’t get the pay to reflect the responsibility that we have. That is all regionals though. Needs to change everywhere
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Great Company to be with

This is a great company to be with. The benefits are very good. The management is very good to work with. The hardest part of the job for me was keeping up with all of the technology (I came from a government environment that was extremely segregated in my responsibilities and access) and the changes in the industry and government changes.

Pro érvek

Great Management, Great Benefits

Kontra érvek

Because you are in the airline industry, there can be a little bit of stress
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Co-Workers Made the job very enjoyable

12 hours sifts for a aircraft maintenance facility. Early moorings, to a full busy day. Learned great office management and data entry skills. Management was pretty hands off once you had your job and daily task understood. A Vey enjoyable work place environment was made by my fellow employees.
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Great job before going to mainline

I enjoyed my time at Republic. I was honestly sad to leave. There are many pros and cons to this job and it does become you’re lifestyle. The pay definitely needs to be increased drastically to even compete with other airlines. It was nice being based where I live, but some of the expectations from crew scheduling were ridiculous. I recommend working here to get a taste of what it’s like to work as a flight attendant and then move on to mainline.
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Very childish

Horrible work environment. 10 hour shifts but only can take 20 min break at best. Staff is very rude to others. If you aren’t a follower you definitely won’t fit in. Definitely underpaid. Run fast.
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Wasn't for me

I enjoyed the first few months, but on reserve you are definitely used a ton and there is little to no work-life balance. The job itself is fairly easy, but can get stressful at times. There are some great people that work for this company that deserve better compensation.
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Not a bad place to work

I’ve seen this company grow. I have no real complaints except for the pay. Flight attendants should have a livable income, especially during these times. Hopefully, this round of negotiations will result in the much anticipated pay increase. Also, management could try not to nitpick so much. Appreciate your flight attendants, especially when they are working for peanuts!

Pro érvek

Travel benefits

Kontra érvek

Very low pay
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Employees Treated Badly

They cater to their office staff, often without consideration to the employees running the airline. Employees are not compensated fairly for the responsibility and stress of the job. Shift start times are in the middle of the night, but they will give you a hard time if you clock in 6 minutes late. Also, you will never get paid for working Easter Sunday because the office staff are already off that day. Your shift will be 10 hours long, but if you take 1 fifteen minute break your co-workers will complain about covering your desk. Long hours of sitting and no breaks without a guilt trip will destroy your health. Before I left I had already developed blood clots in my legs....I was 30 years old.
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The company is not great but not bad. They overwork their employees and pay very low for 3 codeshares. Travel benefits for all 3 mainline airlines American, United and Delta thats the only thing that is good about this company. The CEO would rather spend money retraining newbies than taking care of the ones he has.
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This company just won’t grow

What I’ve enjoyed so much about this company is the family type of environment of its crews. But this company just can’t keep their staff and it’s just not growing or moving forward. Bases closing, schedules are disorganized and wait times are horrendous to get support. I miss what it once was and wonder now if it will ever be.

Pro érvek

Crew comradeship

Kontra érvek

Pay, support, lack of company growth
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Good place to work, pay can be better

The pay is terrible, it’s hard to drop trips. You have a flexible schedule, not a 9-5. Some days are LONG. Some days you’re off at 10:00am. Don’t travel to any cool places, you can travel on your off days to go to cool places. You can use three different codeshares to travel.
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Other Flight attendants and pilots are good. Company is real bad.

Go somewhere else. The time you get paid vs duty timed is about 5 dollars an hour. Leaving the company after no new contract since 2013. Very bad working conditions scheduling has u working 12 hour days for 4 hour pay. Don't know how this is even legal.
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5 stars

What is the best part of working at Republic Airways?Great people What is the most stressful part about working at Republic Airways?Pay not enough
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Very nice place to work

I had an amazing time in training and met some amazing people. I would recommend working for this company. Every company has its ups and downs of course.
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Going to training

I went to training in Indianapolis and it was a horrible experience. The training days were 12 hours long. Everyone in my class were struggling in class from sleep deprived and sitting in a class room just listening to presentation all day. The teachers were insensitive and rude. Most of the information they were teaching us were unnecessary and a waste of time. They hire anyone and there was a lot of drama. The People they hire should not be protecting people on a plane. It really makes me question the whole airline companies and how under trained they are. Really do your research and don’t waste your time on this airline.
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