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It’s okay

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Good people in hr you will always get another job and a great app good pay Great hours drug testing is easy very understanding flexible hours for part time or full time.
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Have to chase them down to get paid out for COVID-19 sick pay, never responded. They ask you to negotiate your own salary as well. They don't really do anything for you but take part of your money for working bad jobs at minimum wage
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Easy but boring

Work is easy but they run out of stuff to do , not very diverse, they will have a man doing easier job and leave the heavy lifting to the women . Management is terrible, nobody ever knows what’s going on
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it was pretty fun to work at coworkers are amazing and kept me busy

it was pretty good to work at I was an unloader and loader it was relatively easy just a little more physical demanding but easy never the less warehouse work is no brainer
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Varius placed

I have been with prologistix for almost 7 years and they never took me from any company there was never a raise and to top it off they left me without working for them anymore that temporary did not go well with them and I am not going to bother asking for them anymore
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Proper placement

Never have I had a job that I was suited for . 55 year old man lifting boxes, and then 20 Year old kid trimming shoe soals. Place sucks,..................
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No Job Advancement/Poor Pay

The pay is extremely low for the work that you do at the company..The pay raises are minimal. The health insurance is Very Expensive and does not cover almost anything. You still will get doctor bills for a very high amount.
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Decent gig

It was a great experience just wish the overnight shift would get all their hours. Also, wish some of the supervisors were more respectful. It is a lot of favoritism that goes on, and parking could be a lot better!
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It was ok

I got what this job to stack my paper. I did that and left. You don’t want to stay here long because it’s hard work but the money is worth it. Just show up tho and get that money.

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Long hours.
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Good opportunity

It's a good place to work and there very helpful with finding you work and if there is anything they can do to resolve a situation with a employer they will go all in
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Productive and Equal work place

Awesome team that cares about their associates. The team has a great way of taking care both internal and external associates. No micromanaging, great perks, awesome leaders, effortless support.
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Good customer service and support

Good customer service and support and the supervisor made sure you come to work on time and made sure we got treated fair. and we'll got so much work overtime every day the coworkers was very excited to with and support.

Pro érvek

Good free lunch every day

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we got break on time and support for doing a good job
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Just depends on we’re you are working at

Prologistix is a good temp company , It just depends on how long you have been working for them and your attendance but if you are a good worker and show up on time , Then everything will be Just Fine .

Pro érvek

Free lunch

Kontra érvek

Working weekends
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Good experience, poor management

Working here wasn’t bad but wasn’t great. The pay was decent and you get to travel with a group that becomes tight knit. The poor management and leadership kind of ruined the experience though. There is new management in place now so thing should be better
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Fun work place with professional peers very hand on company

Definitely a learning experience. I would definitely recommend Prologistix. I absolutely loved working the USPS project. It’s a seasonal job which when I did work it was for a month but I’ve heard it’s last now from November to February. I will be reapplying this year.
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Just another temp service

Don't expect anything from PL or the client company. You're a warm body filling a job to perform a task, for a specific period of time, nothing more.

Pro érvek

Some clients are decent companies and you'll enjoy the culture there., Impress the right person and you may even be offered a permanent position.

Kontra érvek

You may receive a call one day and be told you are no longer needed with no explanation.
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They take care of their employees.

They are the best temp service i have worked for. They take care of their employees, and make sure they are treated fairly by they companies you are placed.
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Not a great experience

My experience working with prologistix wasn’t the best in my opinion. I worked at the prologistix warehouse. After working with this company I felt overworked with little pay. The supervisors love to gossip and choose favoritism. There was a lot of drama in the work place which made it not a positive place to work. Don’t expect the supervisors to tell you your doing a good job , expect them to complain of your work and expect you to work FAST! So if you’re not a person who can work in a very very fast paced environment don’t recommend this is for you! I also had a supervisor who would make inappropriate jokes with employees about sleeping with them, so that was one thing that made me feel uncomfortable working there. Another thing they will definitely just hire anyone! Most toxic work place I have ever worked at :(
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Company is very supportive behind the scenes.

Prologistix provides great explanation of the job given. Placed in job very fast. Answers all questions and is very helpful. Office staff is super friendly ! Attendance is a must or open communication about time off is needed. Accommodations have been made for pre-approved time off needed. I feel they are always on their game to help me succeed!
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It was an excellent experience of a lifetime

Amazing professional individuals. Very exciting atmosphere the consuming workforce and very fast paced easy learning capacity. Alot of hands on training training was very professional every area was simple to learn.
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Not fun

I have been working at this company for more than 10 years with no promotions. The manager treats employees like no other. I highly recommend working here
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