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Friendly atmosphere

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Progressive's work culture is an interesting one that helps breed productivity. Managers and supervisors are understanding and helpful and are open to helping you grow as an employee and as an individual.
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Management is terrible.

Worse insurance company ever. Management is terrible and they do not care about your well being and there is no work/life balance. Work load is horrendous and very hard to get a raise. HR is also horrible.
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Good Company, Good Benefits, Positive People

I worked as a remote sales agent. My interview, training, work, was all remote. My Progressive experience was good and my only reason for resigning was due to a family illness. Otherwise, I would recommend working (remotely) for Progressive.
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Great benefits

Benefits were greatTraining was just okPhone calls should be made directly to the claims handler because the majority of questions required assistance from the claims handler directly.
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This is an HONEST review 6 months in!

So let me start by saying this, I went into this Job with ZERO experience in insurance. I never had ambitions to work in this field or ever thought about car/home insurance more than when i had to pay my own bill. So fast forward 6 months and this job has truly been life changing. I wouldn’t reccomend this job to anyone who has a lazy side. It’s semi complex and needs high energy & drive from you everyday. You’ll only feel lost at this company if you let yourself implode. Yes, the workload is high and you’re expected to handle it, but progressive truly gives you all of the tools to succeed. You get a fully paid 3 month training that gives you the basics on what this job is and how a workday goes. Then you get another 2 months after that of “onboarding” where you slowly start getting your workload in a small group of similar peers, being assisted by a team leader dedicated to helping you. Then you’ll get a mentor after that, someone to help guide you when you feel lost after onboarding when your work load starts to get a little more intense. You never feel alone here. You always feel like someone is a message away, whether is be a manager or a peer, you always have a support system. You’ll have times where you’ll go “this is insane… it’s too much for me to handle” but thats why progressive is built on such a great support system, you truly want to reach your goals and succeed because everyone around you is here to help you! Then, once you hit the 5-6 month mark, the switch flips and you find a groove with your work. Then you can settle down and take everyday in stride with a - 
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Unrealistic Goals and Overwhelming Work

It's extremely busy with little support. At least that's how it was with my supervisor. It was call after call, with 4 seconds of after work call time.
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Call Center

Very busy call center. Favorites selected during training by coaches and provided better opportunities then experienced new hires. Great to be able to work from home. Plenty of opportunity for overtime. Unable to continue working for them due to family illness.
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Time flexibility is the only plus

The work itself is fast paced as you’ll typically be taking calls back to back and it’s quite mentally exhausting as most of the time people are calling in with complaints about their insurance, especially price. Management is okay depending on who you get and you do usually have a support system in your team if you have questions. The only reason I stayed for so long was because of the yearly bonus and flexibility with scheduling and being able to use pto as needed.
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Overall good company with growing pains

Overall good company to work for. Lots of changes at the moment and lack of employees but I enjoy it. Growing pains due to growth and the pandemic which are stressful.
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Good place not for everyone

I have been here for 7 months and it is everything that was discussed in the interview process. I did insurance sales previously so had some experience in insurance but claims are different. You have to have patience,time managment skills and customer service skills. It is a lot of work put if you have the skills listed it will be a managable workload.The office I work for is really good as far as culture goes and very helpful. The pay okay and benefits are really good. Again the position is not a fit for everyone
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Overworked, Bait and switch

The job is nothing like training and the training you get is no where near enough! They preach about being people centric and not about numbers that couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s all about metrics and upwelling even when a customer literally can tell you their life is falling apart because of the pandemic/economy. Very disappointing experience, you are micromanaged all day, every second of your day is monitored, turnover is extremely high so expect to always feel like it’s a “BLITZ DAY” … I seriously regret taking a job here, they set expectations for what’s to come in the company but it’s all just to get you in the door, they talk about you are the chosen 2% that was hired but uh we need to hire more people or create an environment that people want to be in, most people that are hired these days don’t last 6 months. My hitting class from a little over a year went from 24 down to 3! customers are rude and you will get cussed at for sure, demanded to make changes, pretty much everything you can think of that would make a person feel belittled, Imagine that all day for 8 hours… it will test your mental health especially when we aren’t aduquatly trained for our positions given minimal information. Customers seem disappointed all the time as rates increase with no rhyme or reason all the time. Employees seemed drained in this virtue signaling environment with no real change for a better experience! The least we could get is 30 seconds between calls AT LEAST ! WE ARE NOT ROBOTS! The system they have sets you up to be burned out and drained, I personally would not recommend - 
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Demanding work, burnout

Pay should be much better for the amount of work. Management will make nice gestures such as surprise payments for lunch but it is not enough to overcome the stress from the job. Influx of claims and they expect the same performance.

Pro érvek

Culture friendly environment

Kontra érvek

Stressful Caseload
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Good company, stressful job

Progressive is a great company… they have good benefits, pretty decent pay, a nice bonus at the end of the year and most of the management is helpful/understanding. However, the job can be very stressful and not 100% as advertised. They said it was a customer service job, but one of the key metrics you’re graded on is upselling homeowners and renters policies. This can be very stressful to meet when you have angry customers on the line complaining about increases on their insurance costs. They do get a discount for bundling their home with their auto, but it rarely amounts to more than the increase was.
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Productive and inclusive work place

I enjoy working with a company that not only recognizes diversity but also promotes and encourages an inclusive environment. They recognize and reward all of your success and are always willing to go the extra mile to coach and develop you. Benefits are good and pay is market competitive!
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It sucks here.

Job is taxing and draining not a lot of breaks constantly being watched and monitored with every single thing you do. Not allowed to be off the phones, if you are off the phones for more than 10 seconds you are questioned incessantly. Not enough pay for the brutal and constant conversations you have to endure from customers.

Pro érvek

They give you time off (barely any)

Kontra érvek

“paid holidays” but if a holiday falls on a day you are supposed to work there is no leniency
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Communication fail

Communication between departments is nonexistent. Processes and whole systems are created without considering others it affects. It is a very selfish environment.
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Overworked does not even begin to tell you how bad it was. I took over 100 calls by myself a day. And when getting coached all I ever heard about was the 5 mins I took to use the restroom instead of being available. I worked 10 shifts and got the same amount of break time as some on who worked 8 hours. If you like to feel like a robot and get yelled at about someone else not doing there jobs then this is the place for you.

Pro érvek

Bonus, scheduling

Kontra érvek

Overworked, nepotism, managers
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High Call Volume

Working in the home insurance area was often challenging because the quotes took a very long time to complete with callers on the phone and there was very little time between calls. Days typically consisted of around 10 or 12 phone calls lasting 30-45 minutes each. Company cannot stay properly staffed and yet continue to drive initiatives to get more leads and ultimately increase call volume. Good company but bad job.
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Decent place to work

Benefits are great but the daily grind is a lot. Lots of room for growth. Lots of different departments and positions to try. It's a good place to build a career.
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Great people, good work environment

Easy to advance, tell your sup what you need and they will help you to move up. Great base salary, no commission for sale people. They welcome diversity and all the cultures. Very respectful leaders, you will feel like this is a big family.
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Lots of training but some positions need more staffing

Overall great company. Some departments need a little more development and staffing to meet the volume. They have a great work culture and great benefits.
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