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Great place to start

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Good place to start good equipment. Good support system. Low Pay compared to DAT. Well maintained trailers and nice facilities. The training support system is good.

Pro érvek

Training facilities and terminals.

Kontra érvek

Low pay, low paying freight.
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Poor time off

They only care if your constantly pulling freight. Look down upon you when asking for time off. On the road for three months and not supported when trying to go home. HQ staff do treat you with respect and professionalism. Safety department however, will treat you like a criminal by the way they talk down to you and don't allow for mistakes.
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Rewarded based on Effort

Run hard and you’ll succeed and make as much money as you can dream of…. Relationship with fleet manager is a key and can either make or break time at prime.
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Great Company

After Getting My CDL With ROADMASTER, I did my research and I chose to go with PRIME INC. To get my OTR experience. It is a great company to begin your Trucking career
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Productive Fun Driving Job at a Very Powerful Company

I loved Driving as a company driver for Prime! They've got freight everywhere, super nice equipment, my Fleet Manager is great to drive under, and incentives out the wazoo to drive the way they want you to (safe, and slow. I made great money driving efficiently, just conscious of being 'in the way' on the road and a bit nerve wracking when you have to overtake drivers going slower than you, have to look for opportunities to get around them with your limited governed speed without impeding traffic.)

Pro érvek

Awesome equipment, stable work, great money, safety culture

Kontra érvek

Training pipeline, TnT could use an overhaul, lightweights need dedicated accounts and more home time
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There is better options

If you go here to get your CDL you will be restricted to automatic transmission only on your CDL. This will make finding local jobs very hard. There is no certificate for completing CDL school. It's a role of the dice if you even get any good backing practice before you test. And a bad trainer can sink you. Pay is eh... Terminals are awesome. Trucks are good. Lease operator program is predatory in my opinion. Do your research make sure you are ok with being restricted to only automatic transmissions. There are companies that will train you in manual transmission trucks. If I could do it over I would have gone else where to get my CDL.
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good company

nothing wrong with them.same as all mega carrier.if you are a rookie and just started’s a good place to start at and get some experience and take it from there.most good companies require 1 year experience so you have to start somewhere
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Good Dispatch = Good Pay

If you and your dispatcher have an understanding you’ll be compensated accordingly! Training program was an amazing experience for me!!! I felt fully prepared when I was done training.

Pro érvek

Terminals are great

Kontra érvek

Dispatchers have too many trucks to manage
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Good place to work

This place is great to work. The pay is good. Home time could be better but my dispatcher was great with working with me. Good benefits. Great trucks.
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Nice place

People are very helpful. Facilities are pretty nice. I suggest you get some type of insurance to cover your expenses if you get hurt or miss work due to illness.
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It a cool job for a started company but it could be better. The fleet manager and recruiters talk to you any type of way. I still think it a good job if you trying to get your feet wet in the CDL world
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They herd you in and out like cattle

It sucks there big time. The only good thing is that they give you a big nice juicy T-Bone steak on Fridays for going to they're safety meeting. Or for saying that you went.😉😉😉
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Company is alright not really a bad spot for my cdl through them everything seem pretty cool low rates right now and loads not paying that well but all and all it’s alright
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Great company to get your feet wet, and beyond in some cases

Worked here for about 3 1/2 years got my cdl thru them as well they treated me great. I learned a lot from driving to how to plan my route properly.also how to work my 14 hr clock correctly. I would definitely recommend prime inc
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Well-oiled machine, great company.

I really like Prime. It’s a big company that runs well. Each department is competent and very responsive in my experience. I’ve always been treated well by Prime and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as a solid, reliable place to drive for.
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Best major fleet

they give you every opportunity and keys to your own success, if your driven you can make some good money. they’ll give you the tools to do it. glad picked prime to get my cdl through
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Small town feel

The company is so large yet so small that it has a small town feel to it. Everyone knows everyone’s business in the offices. Drama spreads like wildfire.
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Great to start out, not so much long term

Prime taught me how to drive a truck and helped me get my Class A license and I will forever be grateful to them for that. Most employees are very nice and willing to help and the general atmosphere at the company is great. There are tons of benefits they provide at one of their many terminals and generally keep their equipment up to date and functioning well.However, the company has many flaws that would make you want to consider leaving. My biggest problem was my fleet manager had me sitting way too much in between loads. You could get a load and deliver it and then sit for 2 days waiting for your next loads appointment to come up. Often times shippers don’t want to load you early, so you have no choice but to wait and NOT get paid. Another problem is that very short loads are not great for us company drivers. Usually being sent to big cities like Los Angeles or Atlanta means you will be doing multiple short loads of 100 or less miles. Since you get paid by the mile, these loads will kill you due to the amount of time you have to spend picking up, delivering, dealing with traffic, etc. You will have only made $50 for that day after everything is said and done. Completely not worth it and unfair.Overall I think prime is a good company to start with and learn to get your CDL, but if you are going company, I would strongly consider looking at better paying companies after your 1 year contract is up. There’s many company’s willing to do a weekly guarantee if you didn’t run as much miles as you usually do and some company’s even give you percentage of the load. There’s lots - 
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General management

I loved my job as houseman, and helped serve at banquets. The General Manager always recognized my strengths, and was very happy with my work. They appreciate hard working people.
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Good to start your trucking journey

Good starter company to get your CDL. Fun environment.. You can get lucky with a good instructor or a nightmare one ruins your goals.. Don't miss out on the Friday breakfast lol. The CEO seems legit and genuine.
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Excessive Workload

You are not important at Prime unless you are a driver. While the pay is good you are scheduled 50-70 hours a week with a small base pay salary. Extremely negative work atmosphere.

Pro érvek

Great food at events and beer garden

Kontra érvek

Long hours, extremely stressful work
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