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It's a paycheck

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Great people. However, they are very demanding when it comes to daily routes. Never a good idea to send a driver with an inexperienced helper. If the helper can't even help navigate. What makes you think they will help unload 1200 cases?
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Great money

Great money hard work the harder you work the more you man . Shipping manager is great leader and even helps us to get the work done when short handed on the count of call ins
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Not so good

Management is for the most part I don't unorganized and Untrustworthy. At this company you literally have to babysit each order from the time it's placed to the time its delivered
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They don’t care

The work is not the hard part. The hard hard part is working 16 hour days and then getting a few hours sleep and have to come right back. They say only work 4 days. It’s more like 6 with one day off. They lie to DOT about work status and put your CDL at risk.
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Hard labor

long hours the money is okay but you earn every cent Very hard on the body delivering hundreds of pounds on hand truck takes its toll going up and down ramps. Company wants you to work 6 days a week.
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Not to bad

Its an alright company to work for. The pay is decent and we are off on the weekends. You work an average of 9-11 hours a day. Management pretty much just leaves you alone to do your job.
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Fast paced

Its a hands on, on your feet all day moving constantly up and different aisle for 8+ hours a day a lot of favoritism shown in the company unless your buddy with the higher management good luck pay is above average can make a good living
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Money is good

Hard work but pay is good , training is a joke , you get put out on a route and learn as you go . Supervisor Well it is what is . This is San Antonio location
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Good job, no work life balance

It is a good place to work. Don’t have a good work/life balance. Getting used the work can be rough after working days. But don’t break down you will be stuck for over 12 hours.
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Not at all especially nights

They put you where ever they want no matter what you say they don’t care if you like the cold or not and they just want you to reach a certain number every night no matter if your tired they don’t care about your home life or if you have a family they just want to work you that’s it
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Poor management with very poor communication

Lack of communication. Lack of care for employees. Cool people in the warehouse. The people in the department of transportation didn't care about anything.
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Just Horrible, Worst job under paid job in the state, plenty of overtime, "until the job is done" which is never. I wouldn't recommend this job to my worse enemy. 😂
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Terrible job

This job is terrible. Work to many hours for little pay. I would not tell anyone to work here. Honestly just a terrible environment to work. Don't apply!!!!
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2nd to the worse company ever worked for in 35 years

It’s contract pay no matter how management plays it out to you, it’s all straight time, 14 hour days plus one 16 hour a week 😆, your deliveries are to kitchen help or owners, most everyone is in a very bad mood. Watch out running up and down the ramp, good place to fall. Pup Doubles are your morning relay of food, subject to delays of break downs, weather.
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You have to be up to this job

At times you will be asked to work team loads by yourself if they see that you can. As long as it gets done they don't care. You have to be willing to stand up for yourself or they will try and run over you.
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As many hours as you want

There is no reward for good work. There is no punishment for people who can't do the job. But when someone does their job well and accidently messes up.... they get punished. There needs to be consequences for your actions.

Pro érvek

As many hours as you want since pfg can't get staffed.

Kontra érvek

The people that work there have no motivation. Is not a team effort.
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Truck driver class a

Good company better then Sysco and us foods helpers on routes but you must meet the case count or stop count to get one it’s a union shop but the union is not that great you’ll never see them it’s a great start for new driver and maybe a long career in one place money could be better for what you do

Pro érvek

Union work

Kontra érvek

Money / work take toll on body
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It’s all about work ethic fellas finish strong!!!

I feel like as long as you show the will this company will show the way. These guys in this warehouse are family!!! They will present opportunities to people they hire that exhibit a certain work ethic that they desire. No doubt!!!

Pro érvek

Awesome team of individuals

Kontra érvek

Those darn labels!!!
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Loud fast work place

Management will work you to your core even if your tired and need 10 for yourself. Management also is blind to the fact that the good workers are doing their job while half of the workers are free to do whatever leaving more wore for others. This is PFG back in 05/2021 I’m not sure but it may have changed.

Pro érvek

Pay, benefits, diversity

Kontra érvek

Management, favoritism, overworked
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its a cool job if you need money fast

it can get tiring but if you need fast money for rent or other bills gets the job done the benefits are cool to but if they send you to the freezer come prepared it can get really bad in there
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Not a good place to work

No room for growth if you're not kissing managers behind. Nothing is confidential, managers turn blind eye for certain employees. Performance outcome is rigged. There's no room for improving performance goals.
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