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nice place

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nice place to work. manager is nice and fair. good work flexibility and respectful of availability. Left because of family issues, however, would recommend.
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Short route, decent dispatchers

While the pay is not the greatest due to it being a company that hires beginner cdl holders. The workload is not overwhelming and decent dispatchers to work with (i worked non otr).
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All around great, kind people to work with and for

Great company to work for and great company to work with. Great attitudes no matter the time of day. The company cares for its employees and listens to their opinions and concerns
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Not fun

Terrible dispatchers after 3pm constantly giving you the wrong address pay is horrible at 35 cent a mile and the routes are never simple always a problem with a trailer
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Good for experience. Pay not good

Company seems unorganized with anything that is important to you. Probably due to short staff and many drivers. Definitely need patience to deal with long wait times to solve problems
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Horrible workplace no communication. Wanted to drive out of hours. They don't care about drivers pay is low. People at the office get paymore than a driver

Pro érvek


Kontra érvek

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Excellent company. Once the payment improves.

Excellent company to start they invest into people. They provide a flexible work environment and the management staff are extremely respectful. The only fault is the pay scale needs improvement. Overall this a Long term work environment.
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Good management. Bad pay

P(enny). A. M(ile). Good management and people but they have horrible driver turnover because they refuse to pay drivers what theyre worth. .35-.40 cents a mile in 2022 is just laughably low. Wake up PAM if you want to keep good drivers PAY THEM. The CDL school is good but because they pay so low everyone just uses them to get a CDL and immediately jumps ship to other companies who are willing to pay smh.
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Decent place to hone your skills

So I will address the elefant in the room which is pay. It is extremely below industry standard. They pretty much force you to team to make any compensation. The upside is equipment. Its definitely good quality & usually new on both trailer and tractor. They up keep the rolling assets in line. There facilities are junk yard looking but thats most companies in the trucking industry. Driver managers are the real killers of moral. They need to step aside if they truly want to keep drivers.
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Great Culture and team based environment

I absolutely love it here, I am coming up on my one year mark and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to be apart of Pam. Management sees you as a person and not a number, I have been pushed to succeed/grow in my career and that’s exactly what I was looking for in a company. This is an amazing place to work !
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Would not recommend

Their mentor program is terrible and their dms are even worse. They do not care for the health and safety of their employees. If you can find a job elsewhere I would recommend that as your best option.
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1. Decent pay for the job requirements.2. Familiarize yourself with the job description and policy and procedure book on smoking in cab.3. Flexible schedule
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Good work environment

Relaxed work environment. Flexible. Year round work. Local runs and an occasional long day when making trips to Charlotte but nothing out of the norm.
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35 cents per mile isn't that good of a start. Even though they offer to pay for the CDL training, now days I believe people should get at least 50 cents per mile for starters.
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Good place to work for a seasoned mechanic

Even though the shop manager was willing to take on someone that still needed to learn and has given opportunities for that growth, the lead mechanic was not so open to the idea even though he still did the training. The overall atmosphere is a good workplace but the rush to get jobs done quickly ads a good level of stress.
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Good for LTO bad for Company Drivers

Been LTO for 3 months no bad complaints so far. But highly wouldn't recommend for Company Drivers. The worse in the industry far as the pay. You'll be better off working at McDonald's then drive for Pam Transport as a Company Driver.
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Good if your starting

Ok place to work has it’s ups and downs like all company’s. Great place to start your trucking career. I had a Walmart route was home weekly. I only left to make more money.
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Multiple departments with different agendas all working against each other. No direction or leadership starting from the very top.

This company has no leadership. There is no universally agreed upon definition of what PAM Transport’s purpose is. Their identity is currently somewhere between a truck driver training school and a freight delivery service, and they’re not excelling at either. There has been little to no communication from the CEO in regards to the direction the company is heading (where as we had quarterly meetings with the former CEO pre-COVID). Each division’s manager has a different definition of what the goals are, and no one at any level can provide a blueprint for ascending above being a mid-to-lower tier trucking company.

Pro érvek

Flexible time off and working from home when needed.

Kontra érvek

Lack of direction
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Not a good company to work for stay away

Not a good place to work for low wages and will change lanes up on u without giving a notice also the trucks are poorly maintained if u looking ya good company to work for keep looking this ain’t it
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A culture you can't find anywhere else!

I can confidently say I enjoy coming to work because of the amazing people at PAM Transport. Even as an intern, I feel valued and know that the work I do matters to my team. I have enjoyed learning about the transportation industry and getting to work for this continuously growing company.
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Amazing workplace environment!

Everyday I come to work I'm always present with unpredictable problems that the drivers present to me, so finding solutions on my own sometimes is quite difficult. That's where my fellow co-workers come in to help, because when I don't have the answer someone is always willing to help me out and show/explain the situation to me which greatly helps me progress and learn more and more about the industry daily, which I'm very appreciative of.
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