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Excellent facilities

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The work schedule was fast paced energetic but sometimes tedious. I learned a great deal about late phase trials and the devotion that Optuminsight has to the medical industry. Management for the most part was involved in the work I performmed. I enjoyed working with the management staff and my co-workers. The hardest part of the job was the change of attitude among some workers. The most enjoyable part of the job was when I could work without interruption.

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long commute
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Great place to work

Salary is good enoughCompany values integrityManagement is goodPerks are goodTypical working schedule for a call center companyCares about employeesValues empathy
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So far it’s great

Great benefits. Provide everything you need to work from home except desk and chair. They are strict with attendance policy and everything you do is monitored very closely.
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Amazing Supportive Team

Great company very supportive of career development and team support. Large company tha5 can sometimes struggle with continuity and effective communication
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Stressful work environments

Manager does not listen, talks to tell you what they think, always one sided. No support in your decisions, alot of undermining, messy drama occurs.
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I was moved from preceptor to preceptor and then from team to team. Had to relearn and be criticized over and over again and really had a hard time keeping up or finding my place. Managers are a hit or miss. Some are wonderful to work with and others seriously micromanage. This job made my life miserable.
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Good Workplace Environment. Poor Management

The workplace has good employees and wonderful friendly environment. The pay is somewhat better than most companies. The benefits are good. The problem is the systems you have to work with and the management. They place managers whom don’t really empathize with their team and only matter the metrics performance.
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Would not recommend

Management is a mess and things change every day. No room for growth and not much corporate support. High turnover. Would not recommend. Nice coworkers though.
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Large organization, experience may vary by department

I enjoyed my time with Optum, but did find that experiences could vary a lot depending on the department and direct management. Benefits were in line with industry standards.
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Decent experience

Pros: Growing quickly, has the backing of UHG behind itCons: Cheap! Salaries are far below market rates, despite what they say. No bonus structure for specialist physicians, they clearly care more about primary care work. No surprise specialists are leaving!
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Very low pay

Very low pay and little respect for employees. Managers are not receptive to what the employees need/want. They’re only worried about keeping the door open and making money. The employees can sit and breathe in toxic septic gases but the Manager wants the doors open so Optum makes money.

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Occasionally a free lunch, snacks

Kontra érvek

Breathing in toxic septic gases, VERY low pay
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Good benefits, work from home

A good, solid company to work for, and the ability to work from home. Work is stressful though, and can be very busy.Sometimes calls are back-to-back for long stretches. Supervisors were supportive, but it’s call center type work, so breaks are closely monitored and there’s no time allowed off of the phone outside of your scheduled breaks.
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No different than other call center jobs

Initially, Optum was a great company to work for. Over the years, management changed and so did the morale of the company. There was no longer care and concern about the employees and our home life. Many of my coworkers were overwhelmed due to the mandatory overtime. It became a very stressful environment even after they sent us all home. This certainly wasn't the company I first enjoyed being apart of.
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Overwork salary Nurses

You shouldn’t sign into work and wonder if today is the day you’re to be fired for not meeting unrealistic expectations. Horrible hostile environment. Management has no experience and does not assist in review process, management is disrespectful. Optum lost SEVEN nurses in one week due to unfavorable environment and pay.

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Mandatory OT for over 2 years
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Fun place

I loved working with this company. It was all good until it got to be more about money & time on the phone, than the patients medication! Worked with a very good group of people!
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Volatile workers environment

They don’t let you leave for Dr appointments they deducted points if you called in even if you had sick days.. when my momma became sick they gave me the hardest time about it.. I had to tell them this job was not worth staying I quit and went to take care of momma.. horrible management in Comfort Care .. and the trainer Omgoodness very spiteful.. don’t work there. If you want to keep your sanity !!
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Pretty decent place

Good place to work, management is supportive and people are nice. Benefits and pay are decent. The company has grown fast and there seems to be some disorganization. They also need to update some of their software and technology
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Optum is a great company to work for - if you have good leadership

Enjoyed working for Optum. My peers and leadership over all was fabulous. I loved jumping into the work, helping my peers and peers at the hospital system.The only drawback was my personal leader. She was brand new to the team, unorganized and struggled managing more than productivity. It was a difficult concept for her to lead a highly educated, professional salaried team. She did not understand the difference between her former hourly associates and this group.Otherwise I great experience.
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Great company to work and retire from

Optum has great culture and treats its employees with care. They are emphatic towards their employees’ needs and work to maintain work life balance. There are some really good managers

Pro érvek

Good growth environment

Kontra érvek

Low salaries as compared to market standards
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Great place

Lots of work from home opportunities and competitive pay. They give you 2 15 minute breaks and a 30 min lunch. Sometimes overtime is available, which helps with bills.
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Non productive

Lots of meetings that accomplish nothing but confusion, constant internet issues including changing programs that will make it "easier to chart", NOT. POT/POC are due on a specific date no matter what else needs to be done. Do your education at the patient's house if you can get on the internet. Finish your charting at the patient's house even if you have to sit in your car. Do not work over 8 hours a day, go to meetings even while you are caring for patient's. Micromanagement is the name of the game here. And CONTROL. I almost forgot because I am so programmed. There really is no autonomy because you have to check with the pharmacist, doctor,supervisor and regional manager about a ,break, vacation, sick day, medication rate change, unusual problems, usual problems or nothing at all. They are up in your business. If this description sounds like a place for you, then by all means apply and take my job. I've had enough and I have been here 13 months.
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