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Senior Software Engineer76 értékelés
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Good for Exposure

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Good to for career growth and adopting new technology and work balance is good depends on manager work from home is applicable. Pay also good depends on Project work flexibility will be there
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Offshoring has taken over

At one point in time, with the 10 years that I was with the company, it was a great place to work. Sadly, they have offshored most of the programming to India, and left the engineers in the US as the liasons. The work done in the states is superior, but the company wants to save money by having develop done more cheaply. The US engineers and customers are the ones that get hurt with this.
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Average company

LikesGood Place to work with life balance. The collaborative team of members. Team leads and Project Manager treats as a family members. The company environment was very cool.They will encourage a lot of opportunities to learn new technology even for Freshers and Experienced folks.NTT handling so many Projects, No worriesHike also given with good Percentage min 10%Overall NTT Data is the safest and cool Company without any pressure. You can come and join in NTT Data without any doubt :)DislikesIt Depends on the team and ManagersSome managers are motivated and recognized for their hard work on projects.At the same time, some managers will not take care of them and have no Recognition and even they didn't tell Thanks or even complete the project without any escalation.It's fine, Overall, the company was so good.Work Details
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Fun place

Lots of opportunities to learn and grow if you have the right mindset. Plenty of opportunities to work on different projects and technology. Lots of travel opportunities
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A productive placr to work with

The working environment in NTT DATA COMPANY was good. The team and management were very supportive. If you are really interested in learning new technologies, then you could get opportunities for the same in this company.
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Horrible management

Terrible management.Toxic work culture. Cliques will hinder you. When you get a little raise, management tells you, that you are special and the only one to get this high and don't tell anyone. Shady and creepy.
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The management and the job were great, moving up wasn't.

So I started working here around when COVID started as a temp to hire so I had already been on the contract for 6 months. I really loved this job, the people I worked with, and the management from NTT that I talked to. Unfortunately I didn't see a raise of any kind in over 18 months, and it was only when I made management aware I had another offer that I was given a raise. This kind of culture can create distrust of employees by the employer and was ultimately why I left.

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Great work and mentors, fantastic insurance benefits, healthy work/life balance, competent management for the most part.

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401k match is so-so and takes 3 years to vest fully, outside the client management I never really met anyone from NTT, pay could have been better.
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Not a good place to start your career

If you are a fresher , not a good place to start. Training is not so good, also they don't provide you projects for the technology you are trained for. No proper hike and no proper appraisal.

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Everything is a con
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Not great place to work

I feet this is typical service based culture, giving more improtance to clients than work. You should impress client with technical stuff not with other extra curricular larameters

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Onsite opportunties

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Work culture
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Relaxed Workplace

Relaxed workplace Increment is low Technologies to learn depend directly on the Project you are working. Work from home can be allowed but again depend upon the Project Onsite Opportunity is there
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productive and Fun workplace

It all depends on your project if you are working in ODC project then they will not provide you WFH you have to come office daily,but if you working in support project then they will provide you laptop and WFH as well so its all depends on your project .Here I am working on Support project and the work culture in this project is very good ,no time boundation .
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Good company

Good company to work for you and I will recommend my friends to come and work here . Management is lacking symmetry otherwise it's a good experience here
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Productive and Helth care Domain

good in Automation. sports and culture activities friendly environment happy to work here so many skills i learned here Tour programs around once in 6 moths
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Not a better option

No trust on the employees only depends on sapience report. Career opportunities are very less, Long hours of work. No proper top-level management in forecasting the opportunities for the company and employees.

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No salary Hike
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Satisfactory , The biggest challenge here again salary concern. There should.be salary correction as per grade wise. Unfortunately it is not here like the person below grade may have salary more than you.
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Software test engineer having experience in both manual and automation.

Good company to learn with less pressure on work. More onsite opportunity for developers.people who want to start a career in IT is best company. Thanks
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Great company to start off

As a fresher NTT data was a boon. The management is very friendly and they were ready to cross train me into BI. So learning wise they give a lot of importance and also ensure we gain the knowledge by screening us
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Your days depend on the manager

If you have a good one, you can easily balance your life evevn through the hard times which is a plus point. You will get flexibility and creative environment where you can put your opinions in front of others.
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average job

the company has a few good projects, not all. a less pressuring work and can have a good life. Salaries are very basic and bonus are pretty bad. good for people who looks to have a relaxed work after 10-15 years experience.
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Worst Company culture- Very Bad HR

NTT data is the worst company i have worked for in 20 years of experience. The Human resources is really bad and they misrepresent and mislead at the time of hiring. They do not disclose things like you will not get paid for your remaining vacation time when you leave and various other things. The company works mostly like another India based software company and employees and work culture is similar. There is no career advancement and the employees are misled during interviews and made to overwork over weekends later. Job security is minimal. This is a company to avoid. Human resources is unreachable after you join and they do not resolve your issues. The support teams are all based in India and they offer minimal support to employees.

Pro érvek

ok salary and benefits

Kontra érvek

Worst HR, bad company culture
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Productive workplace, if you are a good learner

The Management is not that great and they tend to deviate a lot from the Goals send during quarterly fiscal and change based on Project deals Good to start a career here but would rather suggest to hop on after a couple of years

Pro érvek

Good Learning Curve if in Product Development Team

Kontra érvek

Long Hours and No Extra bebefits
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