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3,5Munka és magánélet egyensúlya


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Decent company

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Decent schedule, easy job overall. A typical day is pretty much staring at computer screen trying to find a way to pass the time. Easy to become lazy doing this type of work.

Pro érvek

Paid holidays even when you don’t work them

Kontra érvek

12 hour shifts may drag a bit.
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Limited Employee Support and Loyalty

What is the best part of working at the company?Many excellent professionals. Growth through acquisition of smaller companies with distinct capabilities.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?NTT DATA Struggle to present itself well to customers. Lacking in leadership skills and atmosphere of making employees successful in their roles. Zero loyalty to its workforce. Far too many terminations from poor leadership planning.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Mixed culture as a result of some strong leaders but many complications that arise from much of the work force and supporting workforce being located outside US timezones. Employees are generally viewed as commodities.
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Muy bien

Recomiendo trabajar en ntt data, muy buen ambiente de trabajo y buenos sueldos. Todo genial no me puedo quejar de nada la verdad. Muchas formaciones y muy bien.
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Awesome company to work for. Work life balance, but slow growth. Managers understands so well. Rotational roles. Internal profile transfers are there.
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Good company

Good company and again based on which project your are hired for. Work pressure is more even sat and Sunday.Wfh and technology stack to gain knowledge in all aspects
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Ótima empresa para trabalhar e com muitos benefícios que ajudam o funcionário. Inúmeras ferramentas de estudos, empresa multinacional no ramo de tecnologias
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It's ok

It's an ok place to work as long as you don't mind contract work. A lot of work from home options. Layoffs do happen every year. It's luck of the draw during that time.
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Nice Workplace

Best workplace I have had so far. Worked for almost two years. Good and nice facilities. HR personnel are very helpful and responsive to any concerns and questions.
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Would give negative stars if I could

This was by far the very worst work experience I ever had. They are completely happy using employees up until they have no choice but to quit in order to maintain their mental health.

Kontra érvek

Just a number, not an employee, no help, no representation, no flexibility or consideration, micromanagers, no recognition or commiserate compensation.
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Great place to work

Good pay good benefits and they care about there employees having a life outside of work they close all major holidays and you get 3 floating holidays
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Ambiente y equipo de trabajo excelentes

¿Qué es lo mejor de trabajar en la empresa?Beneficios, ambiente laboral, equipo y oportunidades de carrera profesional ¿Qué es lo más estresante de trabajar en la empresa?Llegar a la fecha de entrega de producto con faltantes En tu caso, ¿cómo es un día típico en la empresa?Daily y Tranquilo si no hay fechas próximas a entrega
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Worst place to work

What is the best part of working at the company?Remote work . Nothing else was good working at this company What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Low pay, no raises, high insurance premiums, no paid holidays What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Negative. Poor management. This is a who you know company What is a typical day like for you at the company?Depressing, aggravated, nothing good
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Too much office politics and rasicm

Very very poor management with zero management skill. Managers are totally work on bais and favourism is on high peek.Managers don't know what client need. Just hire professionals and put in a meat grinder.Very unprofessional and rude with team members.Never suggest to join NTT

Kontra érvek

Poor management, poor professional skill, no direction
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Para empezar no esta mal, pero depende de tu proyecto.

Cuando empecé me ofrecieron un proyecto fascinante que resulto ser muy distinto a como me lo habían descrito. Los compañeros son muy buenos y los primeros dias los coordinadores también, pero me dieron mucha carga de trabajo para un proyecto super grande en el cual yo iba a ser el analista y acababa de entrar. El salario es muy bajo pero para empezar uno se conforma. El sitio de trabajo es muy pequeño para todos los que hay en la oficina y si tienes suerte de estar con compañeros bien, si no, estas tu solo en la oficina. Intentan forzar un buen ambiente entre compañeros con una Reunión semanal de 30min, pero no es comparable a todo el agobio de la semana. Requisitos bastante irreales para lo que ofrecen.

Pro érvek

Ofertas, gran aceptación, horario flexible.

Kontra érvek

Carga laboral, salario, no creces profesionalmente.
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A complete waste of time.

What is the best part of working at the company?Medical benefits start day 1. That’s the only good thing.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?All the trainer’s make their specialty the primary lesson even if it’s not your role. The training is pointless.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?The leaders and trainers complain about the pay and smile in the meetings like everything is ok. It’s a back stabbing environment.What is a typical day like for you at the company?The phone line constantly ring there is no time to move. All the IT is foreigners that you can’t understand. It you have issues you are expected to figure them out.
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Great design team

The design team is great to work with. It’s a good opportunity to learn and grow as a designer and learn from mentors. And there’s opportunities to advance and build a portfolio to help move your career forward. Can feel unstable at times since it’s consulting work.
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Eccellente prima esperienza

Mi sono trovato bene sin da subito sia con i colleghi che con i superiori. La formazione c'è e vieni ascoltato se c'è qualcosa che hai da dire. Worklife balance ottimo e smart quasi full.
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Ambiente di lavoro stimolante. Anche se dipende dai progetti. Poca formazione, ma c'è la possibilitá di cinoscere e vedere diversi ambiti. Sicuramente un'ottima esperienza
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Lugar de trabajo no productivo

No aprendes mucho al principio todo es caótico. Depende mucho del proyecto en el que caigas supongo pero por norma general el aprendizaje es lento. Pagan peor que otras empresas pero dan oportunidad a casi todo el mundo.
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¿Qué es lo mejor de trabajar en la empresa?TELETRABAJO, PLANIFICACION DE CARRERA, MUY BUEN AMBIENTE LABORAL, SALARIOS ACORDES AL DESEMPEÑO¿Qué es lo más estresante de trabajar en la empresa?ALGUN QUE OTRO GERENTE GENERALMENTE CATALAN QUE NO VALORA TU DESEMPEÑO¿Cómo son el ambiente y la cultura laboral en la empresa?MUY BUENO LA VERDAD, MUY RECOMENDABLEEn tu caso, ¿cómo es un día típico en la empresa?....................................................
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Depende do projeto

Dependendo do projeto e da liderança, podendo ser tranquilo ou um caos, a remuneração costuma ser um pouco abaixo do mercado, porém se vc se destacar muito pode receber algum aumento fora de época.
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Érdekel, hogy milyenek a munkafeltételek vagy a felvételi folyamat itt: NTT DATA? Közösségünk szívesen segítségedre lesz.Kérdésem van

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