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Staff vs management

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The unit staff are amazing but management is not great and not supportive of their staff at all. Adding tons of busy work and tasks MDs should be checking. Mandatory extra shifts and overtime. My manager came to my hospital room and told me I was going to loose my job because I was in the hospital. Lots of push back from house supervisors when safety concerns where brought up, basically ignored
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Good people, good benefits!

I love the people I work with. We get along and help each other out. We all want the best for our patients. The pay and benefits are good. Everyone is helpful and polite.
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Best of the worst

If you have to work in healthcare in Louisville then you’ll want to work for Norton. If you don’t have to work in Louisville, don’t. Find a somewhere else to live/work is my suggestion. I’m not from the area but from what I hear the other healthcare companies are worse to work for so Norton is your best option. As a provider, you can make more working as an RN with less stress and no call.
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Great place to work.

Awesome place to work for looking forward to working there again after Nursing school. Great people, great management and a great place for advancement.
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Great benefits, start with PTO, pretty slow if you're a receptionist

Decent pay though I wish raises were accessible more, wonderful health benefits and more, and a few weeks start of PTO the beginning of employment! It really is a great company to work for, I just feel that they need to give better opportunities for fast growth. It is slow, but you can move up within the company. Overall, it is a very good place to work for. I would definitely recommend working here to friends!
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Great PTO and advancement opportunities

Norton offers great PTO and flexible scheduling. The managers are great and willing to work with any scheduling conflicts during the M-F work week.The lack of moral in the offices do get mentally draining and teamwork lacks at times as well.
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Ok to work for

It was ok. Coworkers nice, doctors and staff good for the most part. Overwhelming amount of work. Could never catch up and never had help catching up.
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Awesome work culture but physically draining

Management is awesome and they are able to work with you on scheduling. The culture is awesome and the staff was very knowledgeable at Brownsboro. You're constantly learning and they are very welcoming of new nurses.However, they struggle to hire new nurses and keep nurses because they are so short staffed. The shifts are busy and most days it's a struggle to find time to take a break.
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Healthcare but awful management

Felt like I couldn’t grow in my career at all. My direct manager said I was not ready for a different floor, even though other cross trained people knew I was well prepared. I had 1.5 experience in my floor. Felt discouraged that I didn’t have support from managers or managers that believed in me. Never care about nurses licenses unless they are an ICU nurse. Management never listened to full staffed unit nurses about taking 2 more critical patients than normal on PCU. But when ICU nurse pulled, they would mention concern and not make them work on the floor….

Pro érvek

Always going to have a job as a nurse

Kontra érvek

Not great insurance, bad pay, terrible management
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Great place to work, but healthcare is healthcare.

Norton does a great job culturally of supporting inclusivity and just culture. However, they are very against unions and aren’t afraid to say so. Working as a nurse is hard no matter where you are - the hours are long, the breaks are short, and the pay is never enough. Norton does have mandatory overtime at my hospital. Most of the issues at Norton stem from issues with healthcare nationally - several of which I believe could be reconciled with a nurses union.
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It is a business.

It doesn't matter that Norton's is a healthcare company. It is a business - they do not care about the staff or the patient's - just the bottom line. . . making money.
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Cliquey and low morale

like high school. very cliquey and hard to advance unless you had an "in" in that department. Pay was ok, performance based reviews and even if you got a great review raises were very minimal.
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Great place to work with many advancement opportunities

I have been working for this company for many years and have enjoyed the work that I do. The opportunities with this organization have been great and I always feel like there is room to grow. For the most part, everyone I have worked with has had great teamwork and ethical values.
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Management sucks and

I did my job, and did my job with a smile on face even with the terrible 1:6 nurse ratio every single night. I didn’t feel valued and most management would rather sit on their butts in their office than help out. When they did help out, they would complain. Unfair admissions, like you might get 3 admissions in one night while other nurses would get one. With no help and 6 patients, it was an awful and crazy night, most nights. The patients were often demanding, rude, or very medically ill. Too medically ill for a nurse to handle with 5 other extremely ill patients. Everyone is talking about quitting and finding another job all night long at the nurse’s station, including management. Morale is extremely low. They can’t keep workers so they only have inexperienced (<1 year) young nurses taking care of the patients. It’s a dangerous patient care environment. Coworkers are awesome and kind, but management is awful and nurses should expect better of this place. I would not go here for care or bring my loved one to Norton. My advice is to look elsewhere if you want to do acute hospital inpatient care.
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The work environment was great.

Working for Norton Healthcare, was a wonderful experience for me. The interview process was very professional, and informative. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, both of my interviews were through the Zoom app. Once I started my job at the orthopedic office, I knew I had been placed with a great group of coworkers.
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Workplace culture

Toxic. Unsupported. Untrustworthy. Dishonest. Disrespectful. Inappropriate relationships throughout management team. Retaliation if employees acknowledge wrong doings amongst the department.
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Waste of time

There are other hospitals. Work there. Toxic work environment and employees. Bullying behavior. Okay to be a travel nurse only because you would be used to being abused.
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Great people to work with

I enjoyed my time at Norton’s. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and received great care as an employee and a patient. There is stability there and great people to work with
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Its a great company to learn from. They have a teaching atmosphere. Management is great but people are still human. Great company to work for. Definitely good as a stepping stone.
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Great culture

I enjoy the people I work with. Charge nurses are Very Supportive. I'm learning a lot here all the time. Wound care team is super responsive and helpful. Harm reduction really helps support us and the patients we get to serve
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Good company to work for, pays well, nice schedule and y get your requested time off if done in timely fashion. Cons: short staffed Too many patients for the work that has to be done. Draining & tiring
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