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good work life balance with constant changes

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Nokia was a great place for learning and getting hands-on with different technologies while having a good work life balance. There are many opportunities to join different teams and projects but there is little change that you see the end result of your work. Also, adapting to constant changes was time and energy consuming.
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Almost perfect

Nokia is modern company that takes care of employees. You have all you need to focus on your work. You keep learning and if you get bored, there are options to change the unit within Nokia. Upper management listens employees, but sometimes does not take actions when it is needed. Often, there are too many processes to follow - it could be simplified. Unfortunately, compensation does not follow the market - after few years, there is need to change the job.

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Job culture, skills development

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Excellent workplace for beginners and for experienced

Excellent workplace for beginners and for experienced. It is highly likely that I recommend this workplace to all the others finding their right workspace to dwell in. Also, the team is good.
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Could do Better. Talent not much appreciated. Salary wise low. Office Politics. Overall very nice work culture. Good People. Learned everything new while observing people.
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Productive and fun work place with a ping pong table.

Large company with a wide variety of high tech opportunities, both hardware and software. They have a nice gym, outdoor beach volleyball and basketball court too. And good cafeteria.
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Fun place, diversified and ready to assist

Fun place, diversified and everyone is ready to help. There are a lot of fun activities that happen throughout the year. The workforce is pretty big in each department and therefore people come together and help each other to deliver the product with good quality.
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Company who values the employee

A very good company who really values the well-being and growth of their employee. They offers competitive benefits that is too good. Inter-project collaboration and communication is highly integrated.

Pro érvek

Flexible time and dress code, highly collaborative, work-life balance, benefits, growth

Kontra érvek

Salary is competitive but not too competitive
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Work life balance is good

Work life balance is good but you will not get much support from experienced one. You have learn all things all by yourself. Money is not as much as you expect. There will be low hikes
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good place to work for

good place to work, good learning opportunity, but yearly growth is stagnant, pay benifits are limited too, would recommend working here if yearly growth is not your number 1 priority
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Work-life-balance, Collaborative, Highly Cultured

The organisation exercises work-life-balance and scrum-based development very well. People are diversified but everyone has high respect towards differences in culture.
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Collaborative, Good Work/Life Balance, Good Benefits

Collaborative, Good work/life balance, comprehensive benefits for employees and dependents. Travel opportunities and tranings provided. Reliable HR and managers.
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Poor management

Poor Indian Management. And there are no actions taken against managers who are even involved in mental assault. Though there are manager's review but its never taken seriously.

Kontra érvek

Poor Managers
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Average for the high tech segment

"Nokia Way" posters lining the hallways show 20-somethings. But Ottawa location has many lifers (20+ years). Many groups are geographically dispersed. Some groups are high on process others have nearly none (not even simple code reviews).
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Valuable learning experience, along with great networking options.

Interned here my freshman year of college. Management and my direct supervisor were amazing. Helped me whenever I needed it, but otherwise we're very hands off and let you work on your project as you wished. Very reasonable deadlines and great support network.
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Productive workplace with work life balance

I really enjoyed my time working in nokia, there was balance in work as well life outside of work, friendly managers, good leads, and amazing colleagues.
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I worked with a bunch of video game developers.

I worked in a small office of X Rockstar Engineers and UCSD graduates. My senior manager was really understanding and worked hard to enuser that I had equal opportunity based on my skills.
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Constant downsizing hurts morale

Many software and hardware engineering jobs are being outsourced to other parts of the world. The company doesn't seem to have a plan to keep any technical jobs in the US. Not a bad company to work for, but if you are an engineer looking for a long-term career path there are better options.
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Awesome place with fun learning environment and great work life balance

Located in the biggest tech hub in Canada, Nokia Canada provides an excellent environment to learn and grow. The office in Ottawa is an R&D hub where cutting edge telecommunication technologies are developed. The company provides excellent growth and learning opportunities. The people are great, knowledgeable and helpful. One of the best work life balances around. The office has a gym, basketball court, volleyball court, an awesome cafeteria, in-house Tim Hortons, and great coffee lounges on every floor.
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Awesome product and team

Best for a flexible worker; things are not always the most structured. The domain of problems an engineer will solve here are very diverse. The company is full of helpful colleagues who are always willing to collaborate and teach
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Good work life balance

People are friendly and supportive here. Get to work on many projects. But the amount of work has been reduced since the management has been hiring aggressively with out any future plan.
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Good place to work

Good learning environment, support system, and guidance. You are encouraged to innovate and improvise. Reasonable rewards. Give a positive experience and enjoyed working.
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