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Nice place to work

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Nokia is originally a Finnish company with a typical Finnish culture. There is trust among the people and everybody is treated fairly and equally. I very much appreciate it.
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Decent employer

Decent benefits and good vacation if you have time-in-service. Global environment so hours can span timezones, but flexibility to WFH/etc is available.

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Time flexibility

Kontra érvek

Home/work balance
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Same approach, same results

Nokia was once a fun and exciting place to work, not anymore. Years ago they lost the "recipe" for success. Nokia keeps doing the same thing (same leaders, same old methods) and expects different results.

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Flat organization, facilities, job security

Kontra érvek

Overworked, low or no salary increase, competition eating them alive
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Good company to join in one of the growth countries

The workforce in North America are often confronted with reductions in staff as positions are either eliminated and moved to a lower cost country. In such an environment, politics naturally emerge as teams compete for workload as well as recognition for value-add. Despite the business climate, the people, including management, are genuinely nice.

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Colleagues are cooperative and supportive. Genuinely caring and relatable people.

Kontra érvek

Very limited career development and virtually no pay adjustments to match improving performance.
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Challenging and exposure to latest technology

Very satisfied with work. Daily you will face newer challenges which helps in learning and polishing your knowledge and hold on subject. I would recommend Nokia to friends and people who are willing to join Nokia. Hardest part of the job is to secure R&D targets which is highly challenging to meet schedules and provide quality software to customers.
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Segíts másoknak a tapasztalataid megosztásával.

Excellent empolyer

1. respect everyone's opinion and decision; 2. work equality to every workers; 3. flexible work hours and provide a lot of chance for internal innovation.
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I worked in the Digital Mapping Subsidiary

In the digital map age, people will no longer get lost. We save time, money, and lives with centimeter-accuracy maps of the world's navigable features, select interior spaces like malls and hospitals, and public transit, including bus, train, subway, and ferry routes.
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Love Nokia

Always love Nokia, a great company, a great culture, and great teams. I love to involved building new technology devices; worked with cross-functional teams from different countries, good communication with all the stakeholders.
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Good Learning

Nokia is the best company i have ever worked, i strongly recommend for this organization, management is supportive for all the input of employees. Really a good copany
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Had a good work life balance. Gained rich experience in handling the infrastructure project and worked has a project manager for 6 years managing the BAU operations.
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It is a multi-cultural environment where tolerance is practiced. The key word in Nokia is LEAP; which translate to Leadership, Execution, Accountability and Performance.

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Free Transportation home during odd hours

Kontra érvek

Weekend work
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Nice workplace with many kind of distraction

What we can all experienced working at Nokia is many challenges which force you to be all the time energetic and motivated to improve your skills and your career but all these things can be countable as positive points!
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Nokia is a great place to work if you excel in a dynamic and challenging work environment. It is a global company that is implementing a number of system and process initiatives and best practices. Challenging company with many reorganizations and downsizings which created stress for many employees. It seemed the company would have gained by keeping the organization structure in place for at least two years before making changes.
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Worked for Alcatel-Lucent which was later acquired by NOKIA

Management inherited from Nokia will eventually sink this ship. A ton of regional roles/managers that contribute nothing to the business' growth. Overbloated structure with very poor/low incentives for local staff.
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A ping pong table that you don't have time to use

Everything is good, my only beef is when the organisation has no respect for time zones. The workplace culture is open and empowering. I enjoy the social aspect of working at Nokia.
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All work

Expected to work 24x7, even on vacations. Naperville employees are not shown any respect. Company is getting out of Naperville location. No cafeteria, no heat.

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Everything but pay
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Former Alcatel-Lucent Acquired by Nokia

There really isn't an Alcatel-Lucent anymore, as it was acquired by Nokia. Nokia, like many companies in the telecommunications industry is having a tough time of it.
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Team oriented

Nokia is a pleasant company to work for. The management team I encountered was professional and treats you as a team player. They are respectful and encouraging.
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Daily work

Review of past days work and progress plan for the current day. Follow up on Quality issues in all circles of BSNL project. tracking of open and closed issues. Monitoring of Purchase orders issues to Subcons, Internal acceptance, and invoicing and KPI monitoring (like Site Quality Index, Service Quality Index, Implementation Lead time.

Pro érvek

Good Lunch

Kontra érvek

Always new subcon teams at work, and attrition rate high in Subcons
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Flexible and professional working enviroment

I worked for Nokia, previously Lucent Technologies for the past twenty years and I enjoyed every minute of my time. For the past eight to ten years, I was allowed to work from home. All my supervisors were great managers. I can recommend them to anyone. The work environment is very conducive. It is culture that encourages team work and reward everyone for their hard work.
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Avoid like the plague.

This company has no direction. Rajeev Suri just lost VZW as a customer as he continues to perpetuate the elitist corporate mentality at Nokia. Rolling layoffs every month continue - there is no future at this company as it currently stands. They are going toward a consultant only model 30/70 because they have the idea everyone is a commodity.
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