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The day, when successfully completed 5 G prep project of 3500 sites in New York city within agreed time lines. The work environment was excellent and supportive,
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Nothing good

Constant layoffs, downsizing, and looking over your shoulder.... Shipped most jobs overseas. They didn't know what a raise was because they never gave you one.....
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good place to work

a good company with good culture, but with the bad leadership team, the company lost a lots of opportunity, management team never focus on improve the product, but only do the thing is sell or buy the different department and laid off.
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Company is not a leader in the industry. Many quality issues.

Employment issues. Company doesn't value it's employees. Communication from Management is insufficient. Training is sub par. Upper Management has made a series of missteps which has led to an unattenable position.
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DIsorganized and poor communications between GC's and management

Nokia team was good to work with, but poor communications between clients and general contractor technicians and management . Went from A+ to D- stats
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True international experience in communications.

The total experience working for Nokia is fulfilling, enriching and gives a sense of belonging. The company has an international flavour with lots of different cultures mingling on a daily basis.
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Great work life balance

Good company to start your career ample as one will have work opportunity to get good exposure. High level of bureaucratic culture to get belong a certain level.

Pro érvek

Good exposure

Kontra érvek

bureaucratic culture
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nice place to work

gain experience and build your career at a manageable speed enjoy canteen, culture, learning, management support and their way of working. great work-life balance
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Productive and fun place to work

Productive and fun place to work, the management is very supportive and the company work ethics and culture is also very good. A lot of team building activities are a good perk
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Pockets of REAL Excellence

There truly are very many really innovative and futuristic "visioned" people who work here. When able to get into one of these veins, the work is incredibly fulfilling as you see your programs come to life and used daily in the consumer telecommunications market.
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Great place to work

Nokia is having on of the best working culture across the industry. Learning culture. Management is supportive and you will get ample of opportunity to work on latest technology
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Forward thinking company

Awesome to work with like minded people that are goal driven. A company that promotes self betterment. Would have loved to work there longer. Contact ended.
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Most technical roles are offshored to low cost countries

Most technical roles are offsored to low cost countries. More opportunities in Project Management roles. Corporate shift to outsource most all mid to low level positions.
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Fast pace and exciting

Working at Nokia was a great learning experience. I have learned from Inside plant, Outside plant and construction, fiber splicing, testing and installations Working conditions was great. Team spirits very high at Nokia. Hardest part of work was relying on other parties to ensure timelines are met. Most enjoyable time was when timelines were met and all third parties was comfortable with the outcome.
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Toxic work environment

Worst experience in my entire career. I was working about 50-60 hours a week, every week. The work environment is toxic in Dallas. Not only I felt completely isolated but also unappreciated, overworked and humiliated by a boss who had unrealistic expectations and unreasonable demands. I was miserable. HR is very disorganized and pretty much unavailable. HR is awful and it’s full of people who will look down to you.

Pro érvek

Good pay and benefits

Kontra érvek

No support (a figure it out approach to everything), awful boss, unsupportive HR, toxic culture full of snobs
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Run the other way

Scooped up ALU to get their hands on Bell Labs and put us all to the curb within 18 months. Employees are treated like garbage, especially women. My manager was the biggest narcissistic, incompetent, insecure chauvinist pig I’ve ever worked for in my life.
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Great culture

Great culture but politics and leadership make it hard to implement something that brings value. As a big company, the Moo is very complex, however, the people are very friendly and always willing to help. The job can be very stressful given the bad company sotiation.
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Lot of things here to learn but there is no chance to get those possibility because I was there as third party employee. Apart from that nice place to learn overall as IT professional.
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Wonderful place to work

The work-life balance is second to none. The day usually begins with conference calls with team members or external partners from multiple timezones. Towards the afternoon conference calls begin to thin out and I'm able to concentrate on working on tangible deliverables like contracts, project plans, or developing frameworks or concepts to create new value for the company. I enjoy working at Nokia. It, sometimes gets frustrating when people allow politics gets in the way of delivering long term value.
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Im still working there now. Becoming apparent current job functions of many in Field Force will be shipped overseas.

Im still working there now. I work with customer daily and schedule growth and new build work representing Nokia in the wireless arena. Greater Philadelphia Area to be more exact.

Pro érvek

good benefits

Kontra érvek

small raises
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Nokia was a fast paced environment. It felt a lot like a startup mentality but with structure and organization. Great benefits, pay and extracurricular activities.

Pro érvek

Solid products to believe in

Kontra érvek

management was too slow to react to remain competitive
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