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Lay back working environment

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Lay back working environment, no growth opportunity, pay less than competitors. Great place to learn trending technologies.

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Great place for learning

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no place to grow.
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friday lunch

good place to work with. lot of fun activities than work. good learning center and advancement in learning. people are friendly and good when teaching young engineers

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betterment benefits

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Good company for beginners I learned more things about technical skills Management team are very supportive Working as team work and everyone is behaving like family members
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Company Has Been Spiraling Downward for Years

The employees were extremely professional, helpful and supportive. Compensation and pay were good.The telecom industry has gone through decades of mergers and pruning, and Nokia will eventually dissolve. Management and organizational changes frequently occur and cause disruption and chaos. Changes don't appear to correct any identifiable problems, other than change itself.The US employees are very susceptible to layoffs since Euro counterparts are protected by labor unions. Also Nokia market share in North America is minuscule after killing off favorable Alcatel-Lucent product lines.It used to be a good company 15-20 years ago, but not anymore.

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Professional employees, Compensation and Benefits

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Low morale due to continuous job cuts, Extremely low job security, Inadequate career training opportunities.
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Challenging work and fast learning

The nature of the job is dealing with and transitioning into new telecommunication technology (like 4G to 5G) that would constantly be changed with different versions and you must adapt quickly. Many of the tools (software) you are given to do your job or training sessions hosted before doing your job are usually not very good. There are times where you are thrown into projects for your to figure things out by yourself, make your own tools, and find people to help you. The way to really succeed in this company is through some amazing co-worker friends that would almost always be willing to help. You will run into some who are always too busy but you are more than likely to find someone willing to help you to get you off on your own in projects.

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bonus and flexibility to work a diferente times depending on project and your aspirations

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no life balance, on call to work when ever needed
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Management, work culture are too good. In operation point of view with Bharti account is good, every day with new task.All task completed in easy way.
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Good company

Good company to work when you have a respected salary package. Lot of opportunities are there in Nokia cross-domain as well. You can switch to any of them.
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Work was not assigned to team members in a balanced way (sometimes this was a good thing!). Training was provided but was, IMHO, not that effective. As a contractor, we got time off/paid on major US holiday, but of course, no other benefits. Pay was great but the work was not that satisfying.

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Paid US Holidays

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Feast or famine projects
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Having fun while working

Nokia is very good telecom company where you can get latest technologies knowledge of future in present days . Team is very good to support any time.
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status sosial kerja

status sosial pekerjaan khususnya di bidang jasa telekomunukasi erat kaitanya dg tuntutan profesionalisme bidang, keahlian , ketrampilan dan wawasan yg luas di bidangnya agar bisa tercapai hasil sesuai keinginan baik secara individual maupun business dalam dunia technology communication perangkat lunak mobile dengan version GSM ataupun CDMA
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Great company to work

Great company to work and learn, there are a lot of opportunities to grow. the company has a portal where you can learn differents technologies and products

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long hours
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Production, respectful and collaborative work environment

Challenges per day differ based on customers' demand in a manage service project; especially Mondays/Tuesdays. I learned how to prioritize my tasks, what the business wants and how to achieve my KPIs. The workplace culture is very awesome and the hardest part was when Huawei wanted to take over the project; then we started overtime which the project couldn't pay for but we didn't stop due to nonpayment. The most enjoyable part is the flexibility to work remotely when cases demand.
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Nokia job gurantee

In nokia, work life balance is soo cool that u will never leave the conpany,...and job gurantee is 100 ...u can get retired in the same company... Lovely company for a human
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Always have a fear of job loss.. No security even a good candidate due to politics..Either you have to risk your career or do mouth buttering to be good in the list of manager.
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Nokia Networks is Brand in Telecom field but job security is very less. This Company good for salary Packet and gives all the benefit very well and timely. Also here your life is not balanced as per personal and professional.
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Good telecom company

Nokia solutions Pvt is best company in telecom sector and good company is good thinking in employees rules & sefty all telecom company is good company and best response in filed
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Senior Customer Operations

To succeed in the field of Telecommunication & perform at highest level by means of competence in work, constant learning, implementing the acquired knowledge and significantly contribute in attaining the high standards set by the organizations to meet the ever changing needs of the market.
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Overall good company

Good company to work for. Generous vacation time and benefits. They are currently building a new campus in Sunnyvale which will likely be a nice improvement.
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great experience for carrier growth

good work culture. challeging task as operation and maintence engineer. salary was i time. seniors are very cooperative. supporting HR team was good.
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Helpful person/ Encourage the teammates / Good environment / Good plateform for growth / Good plateform for knowledge / Good platform ffor meeting bwith customer's Goo
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Productive work place

Good place to work, learn new telecom technologist, work and life balance, good place to learn new telecom for freshers . way to build you knowledge in Linux
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