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Irving, TX137 értékelés

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Nokia took all aspects of leadership and management as seriously contributing to success. Critical thought carried through all rank and file. They were very serious about business goals and the process of achievement without forgetting the individual. I’m

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Learning opportunities

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Sisu can overwhelm logic
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Rushing all work schedual and plans lo. Conflect of interest, favoritzm, problems and managers dont cover for employees when there is design problems and failling.
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Challenging work and fast learning

The nature of the job is dealing with and transitioning into new telecommunication technology (like 4G to 5G) that would constantly be changed with different versions and you must adapt quickly. Many of the tools (software) you are given to do your job or training sessions hosted before doing your job are usually not very good. There are times where you are thrown into projects for your to figure things out by yourself, make your own tools, and find people to help you. The way to really succeed in this company is through some amazing co-worker friends that would almost always be willing to help. You will run into some who are always too busy but you are more than likely to find someone willing to help you to get you off on your own in projects.

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bonus and flexibility to work a diferente times depending on project and your aspirations

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no life balance, on call to work when ever needed
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Good experience

Great company to work for at the time. Unfortunately, the innovation wasn't there and the company had to change course. Because of that many had to leave and look elsewhere. Otherwise, Nokia is a great company to work for.

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Work life balance

Kontra érvek

Lack of innovation
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Same approach, same results

Nokia was once a fun and exciting place to work, not anymore. Years ago they lost the "recipe" for success. Nokia keeps doing the same thing (same leaders, same old methods) and expects different results.

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Flat organization, facilities, job security

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Overworked, low or no salary increase, competition eating them alive
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Not for me

This was supposed to be one of the best experiences I had it was a pretty decent job but they had there down as well you didn’t have any one to help you nor where you trained really good good thing it was a pretty easy job

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Restaurante near you and there’s a lake as well

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Short breaks, hardly ever was there a parking spot
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Career advancement and intense learning opportunities

Excellent work culture and fairness. Projects can be intense at times, but get to travel and enjoy local culture. Fair in compensation and benefits.
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Nice place to work

Proud company to work for and has great benefits. New office in Cypress Waters is beautiful. Can work remotely and travel limited to business meetings
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Employees were awesome.

Excellent company. I will still work there if opportunity is present. The company has sense of direction. The management team are fully supportive of their employees.
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A fun and supportive environment and offer working remotely

I started our working for Lucent Technologies which then became Alcatel Lucent and eventually became Nokia. I have enjoyed working here even through all the transitions. The people are all very supportive and fun to work with. I worked as a virtual employee which was a plus for me.
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Never unplug

With continuous deliveries to the customer there is never down time. There is no management to control the flow of operations. Because the deliveries continue to not meet schedule there is never time to rest and gather resources and knowledge for the next delivery. So you are continuously trying to catch up.
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Project Director for T-Mobile Austin Market

Responsible for 5G deployment for T-Mobile. Re-established Nokia in the Austin Market, which is the largest market in Texas. Great challenge and managed a profitable market for Nokia.
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great work place

even if I had small time at nokia, I had lear a lot of things when I was working there, it was nice working with my manager and she did teach me a lot of things
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Productive and fun place to work

Fun place to work, opportunity to learn a lot, work place culture is excellent and flexible. Not much growth in terms of career and financial increment as Telecom industry going through challenge times
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Productive and fun place to work

As a contractor I enjoy how they prep you for the job you are doing. and the willingness to help you if you have questions. A+ work environment is relaxed.
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Not an employer of choice. I would avoid working for this company

This company is full of silos with confused management totally focused on their personal benefits. No focus on customer value nor shareholder value nor employee engagement. All adhoc policies and changes. No proper tools.
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Great Company

I worked for Nokia - be for Nokia Seimens - During my time with Nokia was the best career I ever had. It is a shame such a great company had to go under. I do not know what it does now, but the phones and phone supporting apps were great.

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The company as a whole

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Some managers were really bad - and Nokia HR would not get rid of them
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Great Company to Work at

Career Advancement Technical Skills Gained Good work culture Work-Life Balance Technical Innovation Good Opportunities Great Managers Good Trainings
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Love working for Nokia

Awesome place to work.. Great people and work life. The company goes through cycles of layoffs but if you can manage not to be in that position wheer you avoid it, you couldn't ask for a better culture and work life..
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Tough place to work - no advancement opportunities

I worked at Nokia for quiet a few years. No advancement, and no raises. Management is horrible and really don't care about career plans. The Executives are inbred from the old Nokia team, no new ideas.

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Good work place

Workplace is decent. Do not get to interact with management. Compensation is good. Work-life balance is great. Learned to interact with lot of teams.
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