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Dallas, TX30 értékelés

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Work was not assigned to team members in a balanced way (sometimes this was a good thing!). Training was provided but was, IMHO, not that effective. As a contractor, we got time off/paid on major US holiday, but of course, no other benefits. Pay was great but the work was not that satisfying.

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Paid US Holidays

Kontra érvek

Feast or famine projects
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Productive and fun workplace

One of the unique things about Nokia is its international presence and culture. This is a huge plus for me as it keeps things interesting. Additionally, there is an emphasis on work life balance.
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Good technological knowledge

Good technological knowledge. Complex structure Lots of duplicate jobs Requires more integration and consolidation from outside personnel who are more objective Love the company
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Excellent place to work

Good benefits and good place to work. NIce commodities and coworkers. Need to add more extra official activities to make people more united no just going to the office
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Great Place to work

The new office location is awesome! Collaboration with others is encouraged and Nokia is always looking for fresh ideas. Benefits are starting to suffer.
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work at your own pace

i love the culture of work since we don't have to worry. If you love your role then people appreciate as well. Everyday Excellence awards are really helping everyone.
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Professional workplace

Things flowed in a highly professional manner and was comfortable throughout the time I spent there. I was provided with all the tools and safety equipment required to do my job well. Overall it was a good experience.
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Great company to work with

Nokia is a very exciting place to work and develop your career. Anybody who is starting his career in telco industry would find it very rewarding to be part of this company.
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Toxic work environment

Worst experience in my entire career. I was working about 50-60 hours a week, every week. The work environment is toxic in Dallas. Not only I felt completely isolated but also unappreciated, overworked and humiliated by a boss who had unrealistic expectations and unreasonable demands. I was miserable. HR is very disorganized and pretty much unavailable. HR is awful and it’s full of people who will look down to you.

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Good pay and benefits

Kontra érvek

No support (a figure it out approach to everything), awful boss, unsupportive HR, toxic culture full of snobs
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Management changes

Frequent management changes result in new processes, structures, and tools. Ground-level pain points consistently increase, whereas management is always under a false impression that they are doing great for the employees.
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Best company I ever worked for

By far, one of my best experiences in my career. I always got support from management and while things did not always go as planned, we always knew what to do when they did not. Kudos to Nokia and the long list of employees that are still devoted to them.
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Top notch technology

Top notch Telecom innovation company. Covers all aspects of technology from inception and innovation to delivery excellence. Good financial discipline and managment awareness to reach objectives. Clear vision and mission from top managment
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Just another tech equipment and services vendor. I can't speak for the company as a whole, in the group I worked in, experienced employees are first in line to be layed off.

Pro érvek

Great Benefits
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Fun to work with

Nokia is a good company.. It provides a lot of training for us so that we can perform our new assignment. Projects are well planned. Fun to good with and care well of employee
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Better come to work!

Nokia is a very fast paced workplace. Meetings start early 5AM CDT to overlap with Europe. Meetings can run late to overlap with China. If you are looking for a place to excel, this may be your opportunity!

Pro érvek

Cutting edge technology

Kontra érvek

Long work days
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I would join Nokia in a heartbeat

Great place to work! Days are long but for a good purpose. The people are professional. The hardest part of the job is the expectations ... however, in the long run, the expectations pay dividends.

Pro érvek

Industry Leader!

Kontra érvek

none I can think of
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great place to work

i did not have a lot of experience working with servers however they did provide some training. However i believe that i did not receive enough training to hold a position there.

Pro érvek

great hours and lunch room had some items free

Kontra érvek

did not receive much training to be able to hold my position there
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good deal with working with nokia and other companys overall just a great company to work for and being able to believe inthe company

good deal with working with nokia and other companys overall just a great company to work for and being able to believe inthe company. i would love to always work for this company
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Nice working environment

Although there are some people that work more than 8 hours a day in this company but most of the employees have regular working hours and they are intelligent and fun people to work with, which make it an enjoyable place to work in.
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Best job i ever had

My typical day was come into work, talk to coworkers about what ever and then about what we needed to get done. Then get the work done, every one got along for the most part and then before you knew it the day was over.
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Enjoyable Environment, Managers and Co-Workers

I was one of the Nortel programmers and On Site Technician. These positions involved the programming of dns, tns, call groups, moves, deletes and revisions. Also verified service by testing circuits, equipment; identifying and correcting problems. Daily reports, labeling and summaries using Microsoft Office and Outlook. Helped maintained network by troubleshooting and repairing outages; testing network back-up procedures; updating documentation.

Pro érvek

Great atmoshere, management and co-workers
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