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Quezon City30 értékelés

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Refreshing and fun.

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It was a walk in the park. Very challenging yet easy to do tasks. The lunch was delicious due to the fact that it was made by a caterer. Free chocolate milk and coffee

Pro érvek

Free beverage

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Work life balance

Nice people and woking environment. Open to learning a lot of new things. Good for people with family. Opportunities to work to other sites. Will be working with teams from other sites and time zones.
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Working in a relaxed and collaborative culture

This is one of the best company to start if you are a newly/fresh graduate, they provide comprehensive training especially in the fields of telecommunications and software development.
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It was good while it lasted

Agile development is fun and iterative but is prone for abuse for underperformers and the slack is picked up by hard working people on the premise that it is a team success therefore it is also a team failure
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Fun Environment

Not so strict environment but really depends on the team you are assigned to. My team is really supportive.We aim to achieve good result as a team. My manager is supportive as well, but others are not. Company encourages Work-Life Balance.

Pro érvek

amazing benefit package, Hmo, reimbursements

Kontra érvek

cost cutting
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Korábbi munkáltató értékelése

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Company who values the employee

A very good company who really values the well-being and growth of their employee. They offers competitive benefits that is too good. Inter-project collaboration and communication is highly integrated.

Pro érvek

Flexible time and dress code, highly collaborative, work-life balance, benefits, growth

Kontra érvek

Salary is competitive but not too competitive
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Output based performance

Good opportunity to grow. Teammates are cooperative. You will be exposed to different technologies. Output based performance. Flexi time. Many online resources
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Good company

Excellent HMO benefits Flexible time Healthy work environment Good starting point as a career in the industry, Awesome people, Great culture, Challenging work
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Flexi time and output based.

Working here is fun and also challenging. You have the freedom to explore different career paths. Benefits is also good. Flexi time and output based recognition.
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Collaborative, Good Work/Life Balance, Good Benefits

Collaborative, Good work/life balance, comprehensive benefits for employees and dependents. Travel opportunities and tranings provided. Reliable HR and managers.
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Great Benefits

By far the best company I've worked to date, and probably one I'll always have regrets leaving the most. Sadly enough, company will be closing already around July 2020.

Pro érvek

Excellent benefits some of which are extendable to dependents, somewhat relaxed environment depending on role/project, Shorts/Shirts/Slippers minimum dress code, somewhat flexible hours as it's an output based company

Kontra érvek

Dealing/negotiating with management, slow career advancement, tendency to be stagnant in own role, company is closing before July 2020
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Highly engaging work

R&D is at the core of Nokia so there are definitely tough challenges to solve which is an encouraging factor for some. Culture is the best, quality and innovation can definitely be seen.
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Good Place to work

It is the place where I started my career and planned to end as well. Challenging tasks and new technology is being done. good work life balance. above standards benefits. average salary. Room for improvement in site management.
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Fun workplace

Very nice working environment - flexible time in and out, no dress code Very good benefits - including HMO, and other reimbursements All individuals are treated fairly and respectfully
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More challenged and collaborative work environment

Nowadays, workload is gradually increasing and work-life balance inside the company is slowly fading. But workplace culture and environment are still intact. What I could value here is that it really helps you grow as an individual and one who has a passion in the IT or Telecommunication industry.
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You need to be passionate on Telco

If you have more passion in software and technology in general, this company is not for you. Being in Nokia requires a level of understanding of telco space and all the technicalities like protocols, hardware, and business. Software is 2nd.
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Collaborative Culture

The place is nice because it is located in Quezon City, great team of competitive people, easy to work with, and a friendly environment with all the teams.
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Fun workplace

Very flexible working schedule Nice management Employee benefits are very good Very good work environment Work can be tough especially when achieving milestones
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fun workplace

Nokia has the best work environment I have been to a company. Work-life balance is important and other activities like team building. Management are also good.
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Flexible working hours. Output based.

It is important to deliver features on time but quality tested. You can wear anything you want as long as it is appropriate. Lots of activities and events that are non work related.
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Good place to start your career

Don't apply if you're not interested with telecommunications and how they work for the sake of salary because in the end, you will regret. Otherwise, if you find it interesting, then it's the right place for you

Pro érvek

good work and life balance, learning

Kontra érvek

Hard to catch topics, trainings unclear
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