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It’s alright

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Management is disorganized. Pay raises are small but once a year. Owner is greedy and priorities are a little messed up on financial priorities. Generally workers are treated as replaceable even though the location is not ideal for a lot of people and there’s really no incentives offered to stay….ironic really.
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Productive fun work place

Had a great time worked there for two years all ways something to do great management clean work place affordable break room random food trucks all around great place to work
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Untrained Management

They have poor management. They don’t want to give out raises. They want you to do multiple jobs and help them save money. When someone quit in your department they want you to do that job and never hire anyone else. They call it cross training. They only care about production and those trucks are poorly built
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Growing company with lots of opportunities

Morgan Olson has record sales and an expanding product lineup. If you're looking for a career in vehicle manufacturing and don't mind a little hard work. This is a excellent company

Pro érvek

Good pay and benefits

Kontra érvek

Too much overtime due to staffing shortages
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Good place too work. It is hot in there. You get free water. Expect to work and keep to yourself. Mind your business and ever will be ok. Not for me the lazy
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Don't work for salary you will regret it.

Hourly workers on the floor make more than office workers that have actual education. Very little raises are given at morgan olson. You work more than you definitely should with nothing to really show for it.
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Poor management. No experience for most management outside this company.

Interviewed for a Supervisor position. Plant manager spent over 2 hours with me. Couldn’t answer any of my questions I had for him at the end of the interview about production, continuous improvement, 5’s, etc. Got turned down for the job then 2 weeks later received a call from my recruiter about a Group Leader job at their other plant. Got this job right away. Placed on 2nd shift only to work anywhere from 10 to 15 hour nights and weekends while 1st shift only worked 10 hours at most. Applied for 5 job postings within 2 years time to advance myself only to get turned down every time. I had at the time around 27 or 28 years experience as a manufacturing supervisor. Too many family members and friends working together up the chain of command and not willing to listen to someone with more experience than them. No leadership anywhere or process improvements to streamline flow through the plant. Hopefully it has gotten better since then.
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Decent Job, Good Paycheck

The job in itself is alright, but not managed the best..Co workers created lots of problems and management hardly took care of any problems. Drugs were also an issue... The work can be used pretty easy depending upon on your position.
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Great pay but takes a toll

So the pay is amazing there. They have alot o great co workers and some management is great. There are some not so good. They expect you to to be excellent within a week. They work you over time like no tomarrow when they are busy. Doesn't matter if it's your mess up or not your always fixing someone else's problem.
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U can definitely get your hours and make plenty of money

I love the job and most of the people great place to succeed in what you do qnd the pay checks are huge the work and hours are there for you if you want them
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Not a good place to work

Would not recommend this job to anyone, work hours never stay consistent, you never know if your working 8 hours or 13, it's production work, and you are required to get your production done before you leave but the thing is even when you get your production done, they still don't want you to leave, and it just boils down to poor management, so I would not recommend Morgan Olson to anyone
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1 star

What is the best part of working at Morgan Olson. LLC?When you get off work.What is the most stressful part about working at Morgan Olson?Being laid off. No work,standing around with nothing to do.What is the work environment and culture like at Morgan Olson Corporation?Stressful. Laid off first week of May. Then work a week then laid off again for the rest of the month. No training provided for job. Get passed over on jobs even though you been there with no points. Etc.What is a typical day like for you at Morgan Olson. LLC?Start your day with 5 min. Excircise then go to your work area.
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Great workplace

Good place to work. Great people, room to grow as long as you work hard it will pay off. Been with the company two years. Good pay. Good environment to work in.
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Everyone is great

Everyone is friendly and kind. Everyone is there to work. It is really hot in there but water is there for you. I love my job. The work is hard but time goes by quick.
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This place sucks bad.

Disorganized. Mismanaged. No training. Careless and disgruntled employees. Wouldnt recommend employment here unless you like stress. Promise you advancement at interview and throw you to the wolves day one n forget you there.
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Very productive

Expect to work, keep to yourself and everything will work out for you. The insurance is good and decent pay but work environment can be brutal at times.

Pro érvek

Decent pay

Kontra érvek

Management!! Long hours/days
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Great place to work

I was very satisfied with my job at Morgan Olson. I was not happy with the attendance policy. The jobs are fairly easy and learnable. One can grow inside the company to leads and supervisor.

Pro érvek

Great people

Kontra érvek

Attendance policy
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Lots of overtime

Be prepared to not have a social life 12 hour days 6-7 days a week. Management is an absolute joke the work is mind numbing. The only thing M/O has going for them is the regular employees are pretty nice.
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Good place to work

Good place to work pay is okay but not enough for the amount of work, it’s stressful and you work a lot of hours. I enjoy working there most of the time.
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Warehouse work

I have worked at Morgan Olson for over 2 years. Low stress environment with okay pay. It’s repetitive work with not much opportunity for advancements.

Pro érvek

Pay is good

Kontra érvek

Advancement is rare
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Good place to work and the co workers are fun to work with

Good place to work and to support yourself and your family. Co workers are good to work with but the upper level management doesn't appreciate the good workers as well as thay should. They only give out raises once a year and that's only 3 to 5 % of what your making. I do like working there I have a good team on 3rd shift. I'm able to work overtime when thay need me to or if I want to pick up some hours. If your looking for a good paying job this is the place to go.
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