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Great place to work

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Cool place to work. Great environment. They really take care of employees. Nice breakroom, and pay is pretty decent. Schedules are prett flexible as well.
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Don’t ever deserve a 1 star!

No home life, supervision is cocky, lies to you and very disrespectful, 12+ hours per shift 5-6 days a week and sometimes Saturdays. They don’t care what you have to do rather it’s; child care, spouse, your health, family, even Doctors appointments. Very rude company that thinks that they own you! They even say during meeting “you know what you signed up for”! No work place organization! Very unsafe environment. Employees leave during the shifts and never come back. Far from a healthy work investment!

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Good company to work for, opportunities to move up in company. Can work long hours tho until work is completed. Sometimes mandatory extra day if warehouse is behind.
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Not great

The pay is competitive, but the work is not worth it. If you don't mind working long hours then this is the place for you. Good for a temporary job .
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The work day is typically 11 hours we are lucky enough to even get an 10 hour day. Management doesn’t walk the floor and interact with employees sit at the desk doing minimal work. There are a few who contribute sometimes and it is the same ones every time. It states 2-10:30 pm, but there is never a 10:30 day after your first two weeks.
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No work/life balance

Be prepared to pretty much live at your job if you work here, if you value having time to spend with loved ones or family this job isn't for you.. the pay is good, managment will not care if you have anytime of family emergencies, you cannot leave your shift for any reason without being penalized in some way or another... work days tend to be 11+ hours per day/shift... they will write you up if you can't keep up with the picking system, they don't tell you how much time you have in each assignment but, will hold you accountable if you don't meet or exceed that standard....

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Pay is decent

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You will have no life/ work balance
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Challenging but rewarding job at Medline. I feel valued.

Medline is not an easy job, but a rewarding one. It's a challenge on a daily basis and keeps me wanting to come back and perform better. It's a busy place and time can fly most days. There seems like there is always something to do.The job is stressful, like many other jobs, but keeping a positive attitude, seeking help when needed, management is inclusive and open. I never am afraid of asking for help and providing feedback to mgmt. I like that if I work hard, I get rewarded.Medline is a massive enterprise but it feels like a family. Mgmt takes care of you! On Thanksgiving, they gave all team members a full turkey. I felt valued. My favorite part about Medline is knowing my job is secure and that I have a purpose. I would recommend Medline as a long term career.

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pay, career opportunities & growth, learning potential, company swag, dress code

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heavy workload, commute, rural area, not a lot of food options
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Overall good experience

They show appreciation for their employees more than other companies do. Management gives it their best. Coworkers have integrity. Bad thing is the high turnover and the physical demands can be difficult.
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you're working your life away this job is not for everyone especially if youre going to school to really be something. you are more of a number here than anything
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Pushed too your limits with very little compensation that they slowly remove

Use to be a great place to work, but slowly over time the company as a whole removed attendance bonuses, productivity bonuses, free meals, and literally everything that made the job sparkle from other jobs. With everything good now gone it's just a typically boring warehouse job that forces you to work 12+ hour shifts with no appreciation or compensation. Co-workers can be nice but other than that, look elsewhere.

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Good Pay

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Overly worked, poor management, no compensation
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Very professional company

I really love this company so much. I was growing very well till some I did unintentionally, but unaware of it's potential strictness lead me to termination. I never fight back because I believe in safety and I unintentionally broke one. I learned from it and move on.
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By far the worse place I never worked

Management is absolutely horrible, Incapable on running the company efficient. Management Lack leadership skills, there’s no used of asking questions or trying to get clarity or understanding… their response is always I’m not sure, I’ll get back to you… don’t wait in it! Management in incompetent, of running a non stressful, safe, productive company. HR is most unprofessional, drama starting person I’ve ever seen, not to be trusted! Supervisors want the title and pay but not the responsibility! B33 is the most Chaotic, hectic, unorganized, stressful place I’ve ever worked! I’ve never worked at place where you go into housekeeping right after clocking in while other shifts are working over! You have to wAit 2 hours before your shift is up to know what time you are getting off! Even if you work you 8 hours, if you can’t work the unnecessary 30 to a hour over time they point you! The change policies without informing or updating employees! The equipment they offer is not safe! The most mentally, emotionally, physical draining environment ever worked at! I have never heard some many coworker say how much they hate their job! I’ve seen some of the nicest people turn mean and hateful! That’s what Medline do to people! Worst of ALL TIME!

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Pay, unnecessary mandatory overtime, Management
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Good money, bad communication

Medline is a great place to work when you switch from a job that barely pays you. I came to Medline with 0 warehouse experience and I did learn a lot. It was fun to learn new things and get the good money. But they did need to work on communication because they wouldn’t tell us we were going to do overtime and then right when it’ll be our time to go home they would say oh no ur staying
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1 star

What is the best part of working at the company?The company doesn't have anything good to motivate to work there. Don't care the employee, just use the people and never values how is the job of everybody.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The management!!! The management is people without preparation and never know, how manage the situation with the employees.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?The enviroment is toxic and the working areas is so dirty. You feels you're work in a landfills.What is a typical day like for you at the company?A typical day in medline is all the machines broken, doesn't work and never can finishes the orders abd the management never know how to resolves the issues.
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Fun place to work

Its fun, I enjoy the people and the work itself. Alot of it is driving forklifts and such around. What I like to do is pretend I'm on a huge go kart track playing a big game of paintball on wheels
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Unpredictable hours, technical errors often cause us to have to stay hours later to catch up on work.

Nice people in general, easy work, production rates are always changing and makes employees feel cheated when we are already running to keep pace. I was supposed to be making 18$ and often had to stay later than the quoted 8hr shift, which would've been okay if I was actually getting paid fairly but I never got a check over $500 and I know my production was great. Definitely felt like it was shady.
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Prduction base

The first year is good after that they don’t care about the employees the treat ppl like the ford moor company fresh off the production line. Basically who is next. And you don’t stand a chance if your a minority
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Horrible place to work

The manager doesn’t care about any one but themselves.The pay is ok but not good enough for the cost of living.They doesn’t appreciate the good worker.
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Poor Managers

Advancement is for family and friends. Management is not very friendly and helpful. Always looking for what you did wrong instead of what was done right. Very low raises every year.
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Horrible Environment

you get poor training, they expect you to perform like a 10 yr veteran in 2 weeks, pay is little, management is a bunch of young adults that don’t know how to talk to employees or handle situations, people constantly causing drama in the warehouse.

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Free lunches sometimes

Kontra érvek

Uneducated upper management, warehouse hostility, office manager could care less
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Good pay, but frustrating

Easily has to be the worst place I've ever worked. Pretty decent pay, they give you benefits, and a bonus. But the management is unbearable, the workload is unholy, and it can be draining. The job is easy luckily, but there's a ton to do, and it isn't very gratifying. Consistent 10-12 hour shifts of lifting boxes and filling orders is monotonous, especially when supervisors will get on your case about any little thing all while never lifting a finger. Everyone else I work with is nice though.
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