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Okay work for pay

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- Medline does its very best to keep employees through free food, bonuses, and pay is adjusted to market. - You will be overworked and consistently forced to work overtime after holidays. - Recent attendance policy is aimed to make you work harder. Will be forced to go to work sick the first of the month.- Supervisors have the directors hands so far up their puppet rear ends. They lack proper communication and it shows.- Lazy & confrontational employees are rewarded with the easiest of work.
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Poor management

The company has soo much potential but unfortunately lack of management and direction makes it a bad place to work for. If you get a warning or write up for production error, your supervisor will inform you on the floor where everyone is around and have you sign paperwork. They also don't give you proper tools to do your job and when you request for it, they say that people take them so they just don't order them anymore. You also can ask 4 management the same question and get 4 different answers.
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5 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?People pay location benefits promotion shifts What is the most stressful part about working at the company?There is nothing stressful. You make things stressful. Just do your job and go home. Mind your businessWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?The work environment can be chaotic at times but nothing you can't handle. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Fast busy and before you know it the day is over
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Fast paced

Fun place to work although I felt like an outsider. They were not very welcoming probably because they have a high turn over because the work is hard and you have to hit your numbers or you will not have a job.
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Stressful Overwhelming environment

Run for the hills! This company is disgusting. They show the most favoritism and management is horrible. They cannot keep employees turn around rate very high. No work home life balance and they treat you like kids.
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Decent work. I learned that you can't believe everything you hear. Management is trash. Workplace culture is bull. The hardest part of the job was dealing with the dumb stuff & bull you have to put up with each day. The money was the only enjoyable thing about the job. Everything else is sh--
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Welcome to death roll

Worse place to work over work under pay long hours no growth in the company… you will be over looked for your hard work , this company doesn’t work with you at all as the people who work there would say welcome to death roll … no work off if you have death in the family or any unexpected
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Loves working there

Long hours but they train you well. If you can handle 12-14 hour shifts it’s a great job! Loved the checks at the end of the week but it was a high turnover rate because let’s be honest it’s not for everyone
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Thrown to the wolves

You will get very basic instructions and be expected to know more than you are trained for right off the bat. Machinery is old and very unmaintained and routinely causes injuries.

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Hardly any training.
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Horrible place to work. Managers dont care about employees. No run for advancement they the company. You are just a number here and can be replaced at the drop of a dime
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Good co workers terrible and untrustworthy management

This used to be a great place to work. But since it’s opening the management has gone downhill. Couldn’t care less about its employees opinions or concerns. We were twice lied to about improvements being made to our bonuses which have plummeted from $200 a month to $40 a month. The long term employees radiate negativity and frustration which is totally justified. A classic example of another greedy American corporation. They sell medical supplies and their sales most certainly skyrocketed during the pandemic. None of this prosperity was passed on to employees. In actuality the reverse happened This company gave us less as they made more. Disgraceful company with disgraceful , greedy , detached management. Pay is fair and most of the warehouse floor workers are great people and hard workers. Good benefits starting day one and paid lunches. But the ineptness and two faced habits of the management more than cancel this out. They go through supervisors like a hot knife through butter but are still too dumb or stubborn to change those ways. This place could be great again if upper management got their heads out of the sand but that seems highly unlikely at this point. You’re probably better off just working somewhere else if possible.
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Run as far as you can

Worked there 5 years, last 2 years was horrible ! Sad when 95% people want to leave! New folks they hire do not come back after working a week!! <---- that should tell you something!! It is not worth your health/mental state! Run as far as you can! I would rather work in a Turkish prison they probably treat the prisoners better!! People took a pay cut to get away from that company!
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It's ok

My issues were the work is very repetitive and it was very boring to me, it's easy. The company gives bonuses but how they give them is ridiculous there are people who spend all their time making boxes and cleaning totes, they basically can lie since there is no real way for their work to be checked, and they hit their rate and end up getting nice bonuses versus people who unload the trailer who never meet the rate expected, also as someone who works hard it bothers me that their are others who work there and they know how to cheat the system so basically they don't have to do anything as far as hitting rate. Supervisors are pretty cool and laid back but the warehouse manager she's is not fit to run the warehouse, they hire a bunch of people for work they think they have then they run out of work so you're just standing around and not hitting rate just so you can hit your 40 hours, They took some bonuses away to give you a free sandwich, I personally found it miserable going to this place but you might like it, it's very simple work anyone can do it.

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The benefits the vision, dental, and health

Kontra érvek

The warehouse manager is trash
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Dont apply here.

This job treats all employees like trash the only good thing they do is give you free lunch. And the food is mostly jail house food.
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First day

Great money n benefits love the hours, im about buy me a house with this money for sure gotta get it gotta get it gotta get my money up up. I love the atmosphere the ppl are great n understanding
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Awesome place to work

I use to work there for about a year. Had no problems there but they taught me everything I needed to get the job done and it’s pretty much the same thing everyday.
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Everyone stays until the work is done, no matter how many people show up! At Medline, you NEVER know what time you are off!! Mandatory overtime is announced at the end of the day!! Medline sux, if you need to plan ANYTHING, including just dinner!!
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Great pay n bonuses

Great place to work if you don’t mind some overtime. Really nice and friendly company to work for. Excellent bonuses. A wide variety of different work areas to advance too.
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Great place

Great work environment allows radio playi big comfortable break room have to work till the days work is complete but usually no more than 8 to 10 hrs
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Hard to advance unless you are leads or supervisors favored you over other membersOvertime is obligatory so if you want to work overtime you’ll work OT
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Pay was great but management and employees are terrible

I filed two inappropriate reports after resigned because the manager lost my sick day paper. The job was so boring; not enough work. hours arent guaranteed
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