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Hard work but good money. Long hours and bad management. Overall company can be good for your personal life because of the money you can make. Good equipment also.

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Good money and benefits

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Poor management.
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Don’t do it, unless you need money

I would bring home 2k paychecks every week but they came at a price. We clock in at 10AM and are expected to leave at 4AM. We then have to come in at 10AM again and do it all over. This job is ideal if you do not have kids or other responsibilities. We got Friday and Saturday off.
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Horrible hours and too much work

Horrible hours stayed over 14 hrs terrible management decisions horrible trainers they didnt know anything and could never keep a worker for longer than 2 weeks
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The worse

This job is the worse! Management is horrible, the whole staff is fake and unprofessional. The highest turn over rate and I see why! The pay is minimum, you will work your tails off for little pay, it is not worth it… they take pain medicine every single day before they come in to work! Be very careful before applying
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Go else where! You will be happier there!

Management doesn't know what's going on. Portland likes to micro manage! Lies about your wages. Plan on working 14 to 18 hours a day! Equipment is a joke! Boise leadership is terrible( I wish I could put in the way I really feel) and doesn't know anything( I have had to show them how to hook up and unhook trailers).

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Not a thing-go else where, you will be better off

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It’s a job high turnover

If you need a job apply and if hired work until you find something better . Inside it’s a hard job fast paced yard is ok but I think they ask more of you then most yard jobs .
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Set up

Management sucks here HR never answer phone after 12 can't reach them HR never have answers for your questions neither Supervisor. Good benefits but such an issue using them . People with FMLA never come to work and has the upper hand on all other employees no consequences for them
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It’s was great!

I was a fun place to work, if you work hard the supervisors had your back. I appreciate my time there and people I spend it with. Also miss the overtime which was almost guaranteed there.
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Don’t I repeat don’t do it!

Mclane drivers are pushed beyond their max each and everyday. Yes, you get paid well but when your out making deliveries that take you 14hrs a night to complete you’ll think differently. And if your on extra board you have no life what so ever.
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It’s a great company I think and everyone should work there. Go apply and enjoy the great pay! The place has great insurance and benefits so yeah do it now
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Bad coworker

La empresa es buena como tal pero tiene mal manejo en la supervisión y gerencia totalmente incompetente turnos demasiados prolongados y demasiado favoritismo con personas incompetentes
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Only perk would be insurance.

If you enjoy going home on time, this is not the job for you. They can hold you for a mandatory 16 hours if they want. And if you work hard they will use you up and let the lazy people remain lazy. Very unfortunate but it’s the sad reality. With this being said the insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield, great insurance. The work is relatively easy. But they work certain departments to the bone.

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16 hour shifts
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High paying

Great paying job for someone who doesn't mind putting in the work. Hand truck and ramp style delivery. Put in the work, and you can make all the money you want. Very good 401k and decent insurance .
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The folks are nice

If you looking to make some good money they are a good company. But the work is hard on your body the money not worth it and the Communication is very bad…
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fun place

great job love it here wonderful job pay is great great environment they care about they employees great staff human resource is great management is awesome
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Good place good people

Hard work but good pay. Good group of people working there. 3 days off a week. The work is hard but you get used to it if you put in the effort. Not bad.
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Hard work

This used to be a good place to work but with inflation the pay does not match the amount of work that is expected. Benefits are good but keep going up every year to the point where the small raisins you do not see on your check
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Hard work that pays good

Good group of people, good Disbatch. Long hours mostly ramp work. Positive work environment with open communication. Great benefits. Decent equipment.
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Over worked and loss time with family

Working in McLane was the worse mistakes I've ever made. They over work you for the pay. They don't care about family time and there always writing you up for calling out sick. Another thing is that they have sick time accumulation and they expect you to request a sick time in the calendar book when you don't even know when your going to be sick... They don't even except doctor's notes to even cover you for the day you called out. They have really bad and poor management and within the supervisors there is never good communication. There always all over the place. On top of that there is no appreciation or graditude to great and hard working employees.. They don't care about your health or your safety neither. If you get hurt on the job for anything, they question you about it, make you take a drug test and if something was your fault, they will fire you instantly. They even time your breaks...

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Payable job

Kontra érvek

Bad management
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Wasn't the best but certainly not the worst. Hours were okay pay was alright management was alright too. Start time was the hardest thing for me to get used to
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Bad work environment

Bad management, they overwork the people who have been there for years so that the new/lazy people don’t have to pull as much weight. They lie about the hours, there’s a lot of a** kissing, supervisors show favoritism etc i can go on and on. Mclane was a good company when I started but as the years went by it slowly went south
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