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U work there

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You work there but the money is good and you work 7 days a week I didn't mind working the money was good some of the supervisors got certain people that they talk to and be friends with and they look out for

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Good money

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Terrible Place to work. Take my word for it

Most leads in there are TERRIBLE. VERY unorganized. Line 16 is the WORST with an AWFUL lead on 2nd shift. No raises. No more bonus production pay. They switch plant managers every couple years so that should tell u A LOT about the company as well
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Great place to work if you have no life

Overtime hours are mandatory. Expect only 4 separate days off per month if you are lucky. If you are on maintenance expect 7 days a week. No days off!The company literally runs machines to the ground with little to know preventive maintenance and then production management complains when they have to come out of their AC office to take pictures of the downtime. (not to direct production employees, they don't know how to do that.) Just to take pictures of dilapidatedLogistics is a mess not have material to complete orders every other order. When downtime occurs. It frequently does. They will make you standby for 4 hours VS sending anyone home early to give maintenance the proper time they need to rebuild or fix

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Decent money considering poverty town

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Work life balance
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managment made us ship knowingly broken parts to customers. we took pictures and my boss sent them to the higher ups and they told us to send them. Later we were chewed out by the same people that made us send broken parts because companies didn't like receiving broken parts. Imagine that.
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Co-workers are cool

but the work and environment isn't bad.. the employees are easy to get along with.. the jobs... cause their will be multiples to do cause of the low staffing

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Quarterly bonuses

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All Management
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Working on the weekends, when you were told you have the weekend off

The good is: When it's time for family emergency,or a problem on the job, they understand or invistgate.. Vacation time, holiday pay,some weekends off. Appreciate workers when doing well.
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Good pay, but they do not value people.

Good pay, mandated overtime (otherwise you incur points), management is lousy at best, asked about advancing, got the run around so dumb.Good luck!

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Good pay

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Treat people horribly.
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Great place to work

Great place to work as long as you don't mind 70 hour weeks we get as much overtime as we can handle pay is ok with the overtime and benefits are decent
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Wouldn't recommend it.

Avoid this place like the plague. It's not worth it. There is no work-home balance because you'll be locked down 7 days of the week. You'll never have time to do anything besides work eat defecate sleep repeat. It's a trap.

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Fun and respectful work place

Great place to work good pay good people steady work and a well understanding overall . All the people helps you and make sure everyone is on task. I live it
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It is a very demanding company with very little flexibility

When I first started I enjoyed working for the company but when they had a change in management it became stressful and a very uncomfortable place to work
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great learning respectful work place

I learned a lot at this job this is where I drove my first forklift and learned how to run a whole line they are very respectful nice and caring always made sure thigs was great and if not you could always sit after work to talk about the situation.
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Happy and content

Great company to work with. They are mindful and considerate with their employess. Great benifits and bonuses. The facility is well maintain and theres a place advancement.
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Not a quality work place due to management and under paid wages . broken promises.. Laxk of communication between shifts

First I was lyed to about pay scale. Then my job driving a forkilift for the production lines were always not fast enough. I liked some of the people I worked with but the majority wouldn't even answer a question.... The work you at least 5 to 6 12hr shifts a week and sometimes on the weekend. Its a sweat shop to were they run pploff off pplgoopplworkers ofdd
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A typical day on the job would be to build quality car parts in a timely manner, organize and sort parts to be shipped out, meet daily quotas, maintain a clean work environment
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new owners have no clue what it takes to run a successful and profitable company. they let go key employees with experience and knowledge needed to make the company successful.
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Good benifits and vacation make up for the bad parts

Middle and upper managment disconnected, questionable decision making. Dont think things all the way through at times. Floor manangment is at par, not too bad. Tend to keep adding workload with no added pay
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place to work

good place to work the people are nice organization is ran smoothly everyone tries to work together and be a team player I would recommend this job to anyone
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I worked here for 2 years and was on the news channel 3 for the job. I started as a operator and moved forward from there. I had a good journey there.
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No money

Work hard everyday for 300$ a week and no good benefits I had been trained to do a two man job and they was paying me 300$ a week as hard as I work I was even doing other things helping other people out and they was treating me like I won’t nobody like I was a kid with no bills ima grown man with my own home and car
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Productive and fun i enjoyed working there

I enjoyed working for them . I only wish they had more work for me or train me for something else and not lay me off. The job was very easy to get from my house in Later sc
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