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3,3Munka és magánélet egyensúlya


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Busy working with friendly coworker

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This place is really busy working Place but Co walkers are funny and helpful and there are lots of different opportunity and different position you can choose from
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Exelente las instrucciones de trabajo

Honestidad, proactivo,higiene, seguridad , bienestar,
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Ambiente lavorativo in crescita

Ero operatore in cucina, ambiente tranquillo e in certi periodi caotico. Colleghi fantastici. Orari da contratto e con straordinari retribuiti
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Buen ambiente, anque siempre estas corriendo.

Buen trabajo, aunque el equipo no todo Era tan bueno.
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Stay away

The general manager is not supportive of his staff is very disrespectful until his boss arrives then is “all the sudden so calm and collected”. The manager of the department was alright. I met a lot of great people and learned a lot while here.
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Segíts másoknak a tapasztalataid megosztásával.

productive and fun work all the time.

I was happy work there.but the manage in this time too much job is to serve food to the airplane.some time cleaning the airplane.this good and bad.

Pro érvek

free luch

Kontra érvek

short braik
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Empresa dinâmica e agravel

Uma. De salario justo os colaboradores tem todos ,o direito trabalhista e uma otima empresa ,nao uma multi nacional com tantos colaboradores gera muito emprego a toda população de guarulhos e sp muita dedicao nas prepacoes higiene e resposabilidade com todos alimentos em geral ate chega ao cliente das companhias aéreas e isso empresa dinâmica responsável agrdavel os funcionários tem todos os benefícios correspondido e uma otima empresa pra trabalhar com todos ipi de trabalho atende todos os requisitos de uma boa empresa e um empresa que atende por excelência uma empresa, empresa que da muitas oportunidades em todos ,os setores

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Muito bom

Kontra érvek

Nao tenho o que falar
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Not bad, but it's hard, if you can't find anything else, it may be your last option, if you can't find anything else, it may be your last option, Managers depending on the area can be either very good or very bad, it's a matter of luck, people are rotated a lot and the hours are crazy, don't expect stability

Pro érvek

Free food
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Buen trato laboral,compañerismo, area de trabajo limpa.
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Buen ambiente de trabajo

Las personas ahi son agradables sin embargo los directivos explotan mucho al personal y por ende hay mucha rotación, los nuevos no aguantan la metodologia de trabajo y no son capacitados adecuadamente, sin embargo aprendes mucho de diferentes áreas
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El peor trabajo que he tenido en mí vida en este país sin palabras.

Peor trabajo que he tenido en mí vida maltratan al trabajador,no hay organización para trabajar el peor trabajo es pésimo hay mucha descriminacion hacia cualquier trabajador donde los supervisores pisotean al trabajador sin palabras.
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Perfect Job

This company is amazing and keeps you busy never dull moment. They teach you so much about plating food and The right amount of portions for each dish. Yes, I will suggest this company if you're looking for long-term just be clear with them about the pay you except. Because if not the pay could become an issue because they paid minimum wage. And it could be very cold or hot depending on the area they train you for. But management is very understanding.
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Challenging and Fun

Work was challenging and fun. Work environment was flexible and I always felt appreciated. Co-workers were always helpful and the team always worked well together. Nice place to work.
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Extremely busy.

Not enough workers to keep the business running, resulting in long hours and overworked employees. Low morale is the norm.Local management pushes blame on untrained workers who can't get adequate training due to low staff.
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Work, Nothing special

Few workers treat me respect and kind. Others don't care, proceed to work and tell you hurry up. Nothing to learn everyday. Get used to it, work hard.

Pro érvek

Free lunch and good paid

Kontra érvek

Some communication and some not being friendly or being rude
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Relatively Simple work but bad Management

Overall the work needed is relatively simple and self explanatory, the only thing that isn't the best is the management. If you don’t have family members working higher up then you most likely will not receive opportunities to move up. Also if u mess up most jobs give u warnings and supervisors will work with you to make sure your a better employee and help make sure the work environment is more efficient, but not sky chefs best believe you will get written up and you won’t even get a chance to try and learn from mistakes. Upper management and regular employees are also constantly changing and they play favorites so if they don’t like you, expect to get written up for small things until they fire you. Not the best work environment but it helped pay the bills and they include free breakfast and lunch daily.
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Good place to work and safe

I started driver help I worked up for supervisor I feel strongly welcome and family when I was working in lsgskychef in Minneapolis mn there are been good things about lsgskychef teams and support
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My first work in US

It is my first work at US and I am happy how I was welcomed in the company. Because it was my first work I did not know many things about benefits, insurance and HR was very nice to explain me how it all worked. My manager in food department is very good and care about me. I have friends here.
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Great place to work.

Great place to work, great pay and benefits. Free food and drinks. Get to meet interesting people. Great training. A great place to move up in career if you want to.
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Family friendly company but very firmed

punctuality is very important that's is understandable time is money but when harsh things happen that's out of your control sure be understood not punish for it
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The worst job ever

The work is fun to learn and do but the higher level managers are awful as evidenced by the massive turn over. The pay is very low for how physical and stressful the job is. The place is chaotic. It's very non inclusive if you are not part of the islander culture.

Pro érvek

The work itself is great you never watch the clock

Kontra érvek

Short breaks, extremely bad management
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