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good place to work

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Good Place to work. You have to pass the Property and Casualty exam but they will pay for it. The office is bright and cheerful, everyone got along...

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1 hr lunch

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Good Work And Life Balance

Love that I work remote, maybe 7 claims a day, Metrics could be a little bit confusing but a good place to work. Easy to understand systems, They have additional mentors to help you if you need it.
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Great place to work

Great benefits , hourly pay is nice. Training is also great. I've been here 6 years and have enjoyed working for this company. I'm just looking for a new opportunity in a different direction

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A but behind the times

I was surprised about the disorder and lack of a good work flow for claims through the department. We made significant changes to workflow and training while I was employed there. As far as a female positive work environment, it’s probably about par for the industry. I never focused on that. I am self confident enough not to care what they think, in general. I prefer the “let me blind you with excellence and efficiency” approach. When that is done, barriers often fall.
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Decent inside sales jobs

Pay can be good although seems to get worse every year. Scheduling is terrible, after three years at the company and being a top earner I was still assigned Saturdays every week.
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Productive fun workplace

You definitely want to work here the pay is amazing and the leadership is even better. I’ve been working for a about two years and loved every bit of it.
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Good job

Nice benefits. Fast pace call center. Heavy work load for adjusters. Good time management skills required. This was overall a good company to work for.
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Loved it

Working Liberty Mutual gives you room to grow professionally. I’ve met a lot of great people as well as had a lot of room to grow in my career. Benefits are great and start day one no complaints really love being a part of the family
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The company provides challenging job opportunities combined with exceptioanl work life ballance and hybrid work location options.

Liberty Mutual is a well managed company from the top down. The management Team Leaders inspires their work teams to colloborate, have fun, motivate each other to achieve their work team quarterly goals and work toward continuous process improvement.Liberty Mutual can be a fun place to work with lot's of team support and interaction.They are also supportive of your personal time off and depnending upon your role supportive of a hybrid work concept
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Overall Great Company - Role is Stressful

Liberty is an amazing company with great benefits. That said, this role in particular is extremely mentally taxing. 200 claim benchmark with new incoming daily, and they ramp you up fast. Dealing with multiple states that all have unique laws that dictate how your legally required to handle/respond. Once you start litigated claims you will be required to travel for mediations sometimes. Accidental mishandling can land you personally in hot water in some states. You have a set “schedule” but if your claim load is high and your running against deadlines - rest assured you will be working long hours. I love the company but this particular line of business is really difficult. Would like to stick around with liberty as the company itself is fantastic but will likely be investigating a new line of business
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It was ok

Decent pay, great people but the job itself is repetitive. The benefits were really good including a decent amount of PTO and above average health insurance coverage
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Excellent place of work!

I’ve worked both in house counsel and as an insurance agent.! There was a job security during the pandemic and as coming to terms with permanently being virtual. There was a lot of support with the transition! Liberty mutual truly cares about their employees! They continually make you feel inclusive though we are virtually! Lgbt, different cultures, and women in leadership. It’s a safe work environment with tons of opportunities to grow!
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Stable but boring

So many things about liberty are great, there is a reason why retention is so good. Work life balance is amazing most of the time (team dependent), compensation and bonuses are usually on the higher end of the market especially for the reasonable number of hours worked. Everyone who works in corporate is very smart and very professional which eliminates so many headaches. The work in most cases is boring and in some respects so are the people. Especially post-Covid, people do there 8 hours and then move on. There is very little team bonding, very little outside of work activities, and almost no one goes into the office any more. Career development is better than most companies with clear directives and frequent feedback, but promotions have slowed in the past few years which caused some frustration. Overall, you can make a little more money or have a more exciting job elsewhere, but the stability and corporate professionalism is certainly very nice.
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More work than is possible daily. Under staffed

At Liberty Mutual, the same type of people navigate to management all over the company. Most will micro manage you to death while providing little to no support unless you are on their list of favorites. Meanwhile all your colleagues quit and do not get replaced.

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Competitive wage. Fair amount of FTO

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More work than is possible per day, understaffed. Constantly taking on more and more responsibility for no additional compensation
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Above average

Pretty alright company to work for. Paid above market-rate for above market workload. Time off is extremely limited and earned on a rolling basis as opposed to entirely upfront which made vacation planning miserable.
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Trrrible management in Sub Departments

There are departments built off of the initial inbound team that have been run by incompetent individuals. The choice/broker department specifically.
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Extremely flexible, growth slow

The company works with you to ensure work life balance - no questions asked. Very helpful there. It feels like no one is ever going back to office and feel career growth can stagnate because of that. Your role/responsibilities can quickly outpace your pay. The people in my office (before COVID) are all committed, capable, and great to be around! Workload can feel overwhelming as you are constantly treading water - but that is the role.
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Good entry-level job

It's a good place to start a career and stay for a 1 or 2 but not stay longer. The pay is low and benefits are standard. They do have a hybrid work model. There is no upper mobility unless you are in their Boston hq office.

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Hybrid work

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Pay is low and no advancement
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High investment in IT employee satisfaction in recent years

Liberty has made a significant improvement in IT employment satisfaction in the last 8 years, by investing in management and individual training, stack modernization and job flexibility.
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Overall it's great. I can't complain as far as the job goes. However at one point we were going through people left and right. It's slowed down but security is always like that.
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I can’t complain

Your manager and department people will make or break you. For the most part, I love Liberty as a company. Competitive pay and very flexible and accommodating. The micromanagement in the worker’s compensation/LMMC is the most frustrating and annoying. It’s like they don’t trust you to perform you work. Overall, I like it company.
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