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This was just a brief moment in my career less than 6 months...Glad about it

Management doesn't offer support needed for new hires and unrealistic and constantly changing metrics for recruiters. Other seasoned recruiters are too stressed about hitting their metrics to help.
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Welcoming and friendly

Great place to work. Even with stressful customers, management helps as best they can . Very relaxed team atmosphere. Schedule flexibility is top notch! Work life /home balance is very much supported

Pro érvek

Work from home/ weekly pay/ schedule flexibility

Kontra érvek

If customer Upset You may be dinged for survey
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Great opportunity

It was a great opportunity to learn and gain experience. My manager actually seemed like she paid attention to her team and placed us in a position to succeed.
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The people that I work with were great. The director was an as.h... Decisions were made my upper management without ever stepping into the building and knowing what was truly going on. Workforce was always in the complete dark in what was going on.

Pro érvek

Working at Intel was great.

Kontra érvek

Never getting recognition for great work done.
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Good Entry-Level Job

Great contract position as QA tech to help jumpstart my career. 12 hour schedule 3-4 days a week so good work/life balance as well. No real job security as it is a temp position and benefits were market average.

Pro érvek

Good work/life balance

Kontra érvek

Mediocre benefits
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Working at KellyOCG in Budapest

I am working as Sourcing Recruiter in Budapest - Hungary.I enjoy my work, I am supporting a company in the Biotechnology industry.The team is excellent, everybody is very nice and helpful and my manager is VERY KIND AND SUPPORTIVE. The best I have ever had.The office is nice, nothing special, the location is very good.The benefits and the salary is average (the big multinational companies can provide more).

Pro érvek

Team, My manager, supporting co-workers, multinational environment, flexible working hours, opportunity to develop and learn something new

Kontra érvek

Salary and benefits could be more competitive
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Good company

Great company but, super strict expectations for use of time (for example, we had to time our bathroom breaks and were questioned if we were away from our desks for too long).
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Loved working for Kelly OCG

Excellent company, support, training and benefits. Plenty of opportunities for advancement for anyone willing to work hard, and put in the time and effort. The energy you put into your work is recognized and rewarded. I would work for Kelly OCG again in a heartbeat!
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No growth

No growth and associates are not equally treated, poor management with unskilled managers. No team work , no collaboration, poor work life balance which leads to stress.

Pro érvek


Kontra érvek

No benefits
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Love the people in KellyOCG, Such supportive managers.

Whenever I need help or any doubt about the work people are always ready to give you the time to make you understand. Leadership are very supportive and friendly too. But the pay is very less as compared to work given.

Pro érvek

Love the environment, people
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Great people, best way to move up is move jobs

People are great, the work is great. The best way to move up or get a raise in the company is to try and move to a better position. Conversion to a full time employee for the company you work under can be difficult.
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It’s just a job

The young female operations manager who hired me, apparently didn’t like my work performance. Stated that I wasn’t the right “fit”. Felt disappointed that she hired me; but then I lost my position with my previous job because I took the technician cleaning/disinfection position. Now I’m out of work & KellyOCG don’t give a you know what. So I have nothing positive to say about this company.
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Great client; didn't help me find next role

My rating is more about my experience with the client. KellyOCG has functioned mostly as a contract holder. When the client paused all the work and let all the contractors go, KellyOCG didn't really do anything to help me find new work. So that was very disappointing. They also didn't cover any holidays, which some of my other contract holders have for their professional contract staff.

Kontra érvek

didn't help me find new job
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Productive, fun place to work, not a very stressful job

If you come in on time and do your work you won't have a manager bothering you,You have everything you need to perform your day to day job requirements
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Great for work/life balance

Great for work life balance. No advancement in career, or pay increase, or being valued as an employee. I never met a company where it lacks diversity. Their contractors are diverse but internal employees don't see people of color in higher positions.
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Assigned Coordinators Outstanding

As contract employee, you are assigned a work coordinator and those individuals have been outstanding. Truly interested in your well-being, your job satisfaction, prompt to respond to requests or questions, and help you navigate processes.
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Great place to work

I really had a great time working with this team, plus I learnt a lot
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Work Life Balance highly promoted

I worked there for 14 years before my position was eliminated. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job was the people I met and remain friends with.
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Productive and nice place to work

Kelly Services is excellent to work for. The work place cultures very supportive to their employees. The staff of Kelly OCG are readily available and always willing to assist.
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Poor management. Site Manager clueless you employee relationships with sponsor employees

Company will not look after the best interests of their employees. Their main concern is to only make the Sponsor happy. Manager is paid by hiring and does not take in consideration what the job needs by an experience level.
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