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Co-Workers couldn't have been better

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2019, május 11.
The JCP company itself was a good employer. They did need to
implement a training program. You were thrown in with the wolves from the get-go. Wolves had their own work, and often didn't have any time to help new hires. On the total up side, the people I worked with, were the most conscientious people I could have ever worked with. We were all on the support team, and with the exception of the too young of a supervisor, everyone knew the definition of 'support'.

The team was just that. A team. If one of us faltered, the others were there to help. The job was indeed fast paced, and could at times, because of said supervisor, be stressful, however, the work was very rewarding, and I truly loved the women and men I worked with daily. If the company, JCPenney knew of the types of discrimination that was put forth on a daily basis, they, I would hope, be appalled.

However, after having said that, I have to thank the company and the management for their hiring of me. I did, in fact, enjoy my position on the morning support team. And when I was later put on the floor to do recovery, I also encountered the most wonderful employees there, as well. Cashiers are none better. Leads are all helpful, yet assertive. They need to get their job done. Everyone down on the floor were SO capable. I would recommend any job position to any friend, especially if they were to work on the a.m. support team.
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co-workers were none better.
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being discriminated against for age, creed, type of 'speech', etc. by supervisor
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