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Poor Hiring Practice

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2019, június 18.
Received a job offer about a month ago from them and I never did receive training or any update on when I could start working throughout that time period (said they were “waiting on background checks”). HR didn’t follow through most of the time and there was a lack of communication.

The interview I had to go through was a group interview and they made us do free labor during the process. They told us if you were employed with them that you have to at least get 2 people to sign up for the “ICAPs” thing like per week. Also you can’t call time off on Black Friday and Tax Free Weekend.

I recently checked their site and the position posting was reposted/updated. I don’t think they were intending to hire someone or I don’t know what’s up with them but even though they did offer a decent hourly wage ($9.50/hr), I don’t think it’s worth working there.
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