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2019, május 31.
A typical day at JCPenney was fun. I really enjoyed this job the most First thing when I would come in is Correct all time sheets from the day before. Every Monday Morning I would have to correct time sheets from the weekend and close payroll. Print out all consolidated time sheets and file them. After closing payroll , I would go in the Cash room and count and balance the safe. Count all registers and count all money from the day before sales and set up for deposits. I was the hiring manager in charge of hiring,I-9,onboard training. I did all the terminations and paid outs for employees. Ordering all supplies for the store. Set employees up with FML leaves/disability/maternity leave,etc. I learned everything about HR at JCPenney. I love the fact that HR is a job that you can never truly know everything. I learned something new every day. The hardest thing was not knowing everything. The most enjoyable part was talking with people one on one. Employees trusting me and supporting them with the highest level of confidentiality and integrity.
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