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Great People, Low Income

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2020, augusztus 12.
I really enjoyed working for JCP and I was able to work at Sephora inside JCP. Both were fun, interactive and had to use a lot of customer service in order to bring people back in. However, the pay was $12 then up a dollar or two which was not enough to support a living in an apartment. Plus, there were many employees, so the amount of days you would work would be cut down to 2-3 days per week or every other week. It is bi-weekly payment, so you would get paid every 2 weeks on Thursday or Friday. Management and other employees were very supportive and fun to be around. If you were a fast learner, you would be able to work in different departments and if you were a good sales person, you would get commission for every time you got a customer to get a JCP card (when working at the register/cashier). I would mainly help customers, fold clothes, work at the fitting rooms, cashier, and on the good days I'd be in Sephora. Thus, COVID-19 caused a furlough which meant that many employees were on pause with working for the company. Overall, great experience and first time job to get comfortable and knowledgeable in sales and good customer service experience.
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