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Eh, could be better

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2017, január 26.
So, I totally loved working at my store considering I had amazing coworkers in my department and shoes department was never slow and kept me moving. It sadly had its downfall because the managers and leads push you to open JCPenney credit cards, at LEAST four times a shift. A few four hour shifts I worked I was told by three people above me to push for more credit. I did all I could but if people don't want credit cards I cant force them. Times that I did open credit, management would be super happy but tell you to open more and that they now knew you could do it... It really made me feel like I warn valued as an employee but more so looked at as a number helping the store meet their goals.
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Pro érvek
Nice coworkers, fun department, and great employee discounts
Kontra érvek
Short lunch, short breaks, forced multiple times in one shift to open credit, and closing other departments when your area is already clean and tidy.
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