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Decent first job

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2018, június 19.
I think this would be a decent first job for adults starting in the workplace that don't have to work or don't need to work full time to pay all the bills. I also think this would be a good job for teens coming out of high school that aren't yet financially independent. They are open most days of the year. Customer service is priority. This is a retail sales environment and employees are encouraged to offer credit cards to each customer and are recognized regularly for their numbers. Mostly, customer service reps can expect to sell, recommend, show and educate customers on products and services. During downtime, there is always cleaning up to do. The fitting rooms, displays, folding and hanging clothes and moving product from one area to another per manager request. Reps can either sell items directly or order them and have them shipped online. They offer part time hours, except for management, and mandatory hours on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Every once in a while there is a raise, although I met a few long timers that were being paid $2 less than what the new hires came on with. There is a lot of employee turnover and teams change constantly. I would recommend getting yourself a good pair of professional walking shoes for those concrete floors and you can use your employee discount to buy them.
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theme days or weeks, occasional potlucks, there is always clean up work to do in downtime, great employee discount
Kontra érvek
Inconsistent schedules, often scheduled to close/open next day, no benefits, no full time, lack of mgmt direction, regular theft, standing/walking on concrete, no PTO, irregular raises and extremely small, can not afford to live alone or pay all the bills
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