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An Incredible Team

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2018, június 25.
I am pleased with the collaboration and the skills that I learned at JCPenney. Whenever you are not sure what to do, someone is always there to help you. Management is willing to work with you if you have schedule conflicts, and they teach you the specs in a variety of departments. That being said, this does not mean that all of the supervisors will treat you nicely. I was looked down upon by a few coworkers for being new, but that is really the only complaint I have. You get a 15 minute break no matter the length of the shift, and you get a 30-minute lunch for working more than 6 hours.
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4,0Munka/magánélet egyensúlya
4,0Munkahelyi biztonság/Előrelépés
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Discounts, collaborative, learn new skills.
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Management, inconsistent hours.
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