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Easy job with low stress

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The shopper app is constantly buggy with is more of an annoyance than anything, however upper level management makes it clear they have never shopped before with some of the decisions they make.
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Flexible schedule, low pay

Good for schedule flexibility but orders are sometimes sparse and the base pay is horrible. Instacart relies on customers generosity and they decided your value. Shoppers are the backbone of the company but are not treated as such and are basically slapped in the face with the amount that instacart makes vs what they give you for base pay.
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Easy and Flexible

Set your own hours! Great for people with kids or other jobs that you need to work around. The only downside is the inconsistency. One week you’re busy the next you’re very slow.
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Independent work

I am pretty my own boss and make my own hours. Shopping for other is pretty easy. Down fall is when a store is out of what the customer requested. So I am very communicative when it comes to those hiccups.

Pro érvek

Able to make my own hours

Kontra érvek

Not having a product in stock
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Solid Part Time Work for Side Cash

The app has improved well since late 2020 but isn't without flaws, customers usually tip well and tend to be leanient on replaced items. Not everyone will reply which can be inconvenient. Instacart offers fair rewards for being consistent, such as early access to orders, insurance, and discount oil changes. I've seen other shoppers ranging in ages from late teens to 40s and 50s. The app is simple enough to where if you can handle buying and carrying groceries along with navigating google maps you'll be alright.Downsides are using your own car, though 80% of the time you are shopping, given 1-2 batches per hour you drive about 5-15 miles per hour. Working on your own schedule is "true" just like food delivery there are busy days/times and isn't consistent.
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Quick money

I love the quick money and big tips. Skip the ones that don’t tip well because instacart itself doesn’t pay well. It’s the tips that make it worth it
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Pretty good

For the most part everyone was okay. Metrics are very important to management however so sometimes you can feel like a little lab mouse trying to be perfect for them.
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Not worth the time

The culture is terrible. Not a real job. No training or support. When you start shopping customers are pathetic. They lie. You make less than minimum wage after shopping for 2 orders and driving 30 minutes away. So I’m 1 hour 30 minutes I usually make 10 dollars or less. After car expenses you are actually working to pay instacart rather than yourself. Also can’t understand the incompetent workers on the phone when you have an issue

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not bad

you depend a lot on the tips from people rather than the company taking care of you. The pay from instacart is low, and adjusts earnings if a person's order changed mid shopping
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Great Side Work

You can make a decent living, or use it as a great extra gig income. With gas prices being so high that is a bit of a downside. However, if you use it as side/gig work vs your full time income you can try and find jobs that coincide with your own shopping, or when you are going to be in certain areas!
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Good during the pandemic

Good during the pandemic when it was busy. Now in my area theres not enough orders to even do it part time. When I vacationed to bigger cities like Denver it was a lot busier and I imagine it is much more possible to make a living doing instacart in a major area. It all depends on if the customers in your area tip enough
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Great place to work, love the people, love the job, it’s all great. And no this is not satire i promise, you’ll absolutely love having been employed here
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Great job awful management

Management acts like the care, but they do not. They are clueless when you have a question. You don’t get tips. Delivery people get the entire tip even though you shopped the order for them
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Easy Second Job

Very easy job to pick up, even with no grocery store experience. Find & shop items that customers request on your own phone through the app. The app however is very buggy & encountered a lot of issues. The apps Service help wasn’t that great either. You get paid weekly which is nice. Sucks this “stationed” position is no longer available as you have to do both shopping & delivering now.
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Great Side Hustle

Like anything you get what you put into it. I've done 91 deliveries and I've only had one terrible customer so far. Support is always helpful but at times it can take a bit. I opted out of the alchohol deliveries because it's just not worth it. If the customer does not have ID or is obviously underage, you have to take the alcohol back to the store. Not a big deal but if the customer lives 10 miles away or is in a multiple customer order than it can be a hassle and isnt worth the $15 extra bucks. I've had the return take as long as two hours. No thanks. Overall most people are friendly and the job is simple. I worked in a grocery store previously so I think this has helped. Sticking with a store you're used to shopping also makes things quicker. If you're looking for something on the side I think this is a great company to work for.
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Please do better

I have been shopping for 6 months, the pay is terrible for most shops. Why on earth anyone would accept some of the batches paying as low as $7 for 2 shops, I don’t understand. It certainly doesn’t make me feel appreciated and those who understand math and economics know that it should be criminal to pay so low. Instacart needs a better CEO AND CFO.

Pro érvek

Work when you want

Kontra érvek

Pay, Workload, extortion
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Easy and you can make your own schedule

Instacart is fun for me and I love that I can set my own schedule. The customers are mostly understanding. You'll occasionally get bad reviews but Instacart is usually quick to fix it if it was biased or something out of your control.
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Flexible, easy

Pros:Flexible, no set hoursGood if you like to work on your own No experience/skills necessaryCons: Low pay Low order availability even if high rated shopper - area dependentNot guaranteed to earn the pay that is shown for a batch of orders - many tips based on percentage of order total, can be significantly reduced Far driving distances
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good potential to earn $$

I love this job because it can be fun and interesting, you get to make your own schedule and you have the potential to earn what you put into it. My only complaints would be the algorithm sometimes screws up and also the base pay should be higher and customers shouldn’t be able to lower a tip afterwards. You can make 1k a week if you put the time & effort in!
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Does not pay you

I worked deliveries 3 times. After 2nd delivery was not paid for either delivery. They told me I would be paid the next Tuesday so I took another delivery. That was 3 months ago and still have not been paid. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!!!!
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It’s a good job is you like flexibility. You just have to wait around for orders. Some are worth the wait others are not. Some times it can take you up to 8 hours to make 100 or more dollars. Orders normally take 20-60 minutes to complete depending on what your shopping for an how long you have to drive to the person address. Orders range from 5 dollars to I seen 150 dollars. But anything over 35 dollars is very rare. Depends on your area of work. Only negative about this job is no sick days, no pto. Also miles on your car. Normally I did about 250-320 miles a week. So pretty much at the gas station every week. So with gas prices going up it doesn’t allow me to make this a full time job anymore.
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