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Okay, but not many benefits to working here.

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If you like working from home, then the job isnt so bad. The job really depends on which program you are placed in. You either take calls or place calls and you do get breaks. You do have to talk to people and be on the phone for most of your shift, so if you dont like that then this job is not for you.There is no paid vacation and if you miss a day of work, your pay is decreased for the entire week unless you use your upto (unpaid time off) balance. Just knowing that you will not get a vacation while working here is pretty depressing.

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work from home

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No paid time off, pay is bad, repetitive work
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lack of good managment

OMG where do I start! RUN DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY! Very unprofessional, they rush through training so fast and lie to you about the amount of days you will have for training
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I work nightshift its nice IM thankful

I love it ive been working from home for infocision for a little over a year now.The job is easy work and its easy to gain your bonus and performance stars.
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Not great hours sucked you had to be good at it to get the second bonus, they did offer commission on sales work from home good starting job I dint think you can advance that quickly
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Not worth it

I mean honestly weekly pay is nice but training is not it at all you are barely taught how to take the calls and just jump right in you start taking calls the first week. Training the really do expect you to sit at home for 9 hours with your camera on for everybody to see like be fr some people have kids or family or some people just don't want to sit on camera for 9 freaking hours as long as the work is getting done why stay down people's throat about cameras we are all adults and know what we have to do... outbound is ridiculous u might not even get a 5 second break for hours you have to hang up calls and force yourself on break just to get five minutes the calls are back to back non stop it's absolutely unreasonable to expect someone to be able to answer calls and talk back to back when u can't even get a sip of water between breaks. Also I was put on administrative leave and have not heard from them since because of my "background " the only thing in my back ground is trespass charges from me getting on a go cart at dark at some kind of small amusement park when I was 17. Very unreasonable
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Low pay and too much work

You will get fired if the company apps don't work. You will also get 2 days of video training.The next day you will be on the phone and you will have to know how to code each calls by abbreviations that you had two days to learn. While on the phone with the customer you have to ask questions in a chat that takes 30 supervisor 25 minutes to respond. I had about 18 people in my training class the second day it was 4 of us.
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Time consuming with low pay

For starters, they set you up to fail if they really don’t want you working they will lie to you about your ratings and things of that nature. You had to work a eight hour shift all day and you have to stay in front of your computer answering calls nonstop. You cannot leave your computer for more than four minutes without getting chastised. Then on top of everything you get a 30 minute lunch break they pay you nine dollars an hour for over work. Payroll loves to take money away from peoples checks and hours but never has time you were basically getting $200 a week for nothing people have bills to pay.

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Weekly pay

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Great place to work you get to learn alot thr family and staff are great they take your hand when you first start and totally walk you through it the pay ok
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Fun work place

Easy interview process weekly pay set schedule phone sales nice people that work in human resources I'm excited to have set schedule from 12-9 pm. Training 8 weeks
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It's ok

I really didn't learn anything. Training was not useful. I was lied to applied for the fundraising position and was hired for sales. Pay is horrible do not work here. They will fire you if you do not sell what people can't afford. They pretty much want you to get them to buy what they do not need or afford and encourage you to lie.
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Over worked and underpaid

Job started off good during training I got a email saying that training would be 8-weeks but you only get 2-weeks and they try to cram everything on you within the 1st week then the 2nd week you’re doing some calls when asking for help in chat they take forever to respond and supervisors don’t respond to when you pm them they act like you don’t exist but when you get on to have meetings will fake it like there just perfect when they really don’t like there job their or helping the employees they will have attitudes they think just because there over the computer that we don’t know they are getting smart or have attitudes they move you from department to department with only a hour of training and think you’re suppose to be a pro at what you just learned in a hour and will make you feel less of a person if you don’t get it they try to make you feel all good during hiring and training but once you get in good you’re going to witness something totally different no matter how hard you work or try your best you have to start to experience this don’t let the fake laughing and smiling fool you benefits suck over works you calls come on back to back of angry customer and you try to explain to them that it is hard talking to some customers when there screaming to the top of there lungs no one listens but as soon as you make a mistake there constantly judging you instead of helping just rude
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Customer service

I absolutely love working at InfoCision because they have so many different places that you can work at and it gives you a feel for where you can actually fit in if you don't fit in in one place they have somewhere else you can go they do inbound and outbound calling so if you specialize in something one thing more than the other they'll allow you to see what your good fit for
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Hourly Position with some perks

Infocision works with various companies and they train you according to those specific company's needs. Everything is based on CRM, calling out customers who were interested in the specific product or service.The work is easy and self explanatory the pay is hourly and I suppose decent for the tasks you have to do.The convenience is the best part of this job working from home. The flexibility is good too as you can either work part time or full time. There's sometimes overtime offered and they have a reward points system based on how well you do your work which you can trade in for gift cards. The job can be repetitive at times. What helped me get through a day was the team and being able to have fun communicating with them.
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Low pay an no equipment provided

The pay is $9.00 per hour, which is below minimum wage in some states, therefor they operate only in certain states. You are required to have your own equipment so the employer is really cheap. They are extremely misleading with job adverts. Bait and switch tactics and low pay make them a terrible place to work for.

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Low pay, no equipment provided, hostile and poor leadership
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Great place to work if you have. A passion for competitive work environment if u don't mind losing your voice every now and then and have the gift of gab this is the place for you
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So hard

The training sucks at Infocision. Watching a fuzzy videos does not cut it for me. Supervisors are slow to answer questions. On the bonus side you can take as much time off as you want.
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Decent enough

The work culture here I would consider pretty sloppy. Pay is barely worthy and the campaigns go from bogstandard customer service to some pretty treacherous borderline aggressive funs collection for various, mostly highly conservative, interest groups. Training was lax, dare I say, eve fun at times. But still adequate enough I'd say. Organization lacking.
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Learning the software and the information is very overwhelming and fast paced! Taking calls however is stressful especially when you are still learning the software! If you aren’t faced paced, quick on your feet and able to deal with rude customer don’t apply. The pay is great and so are the hours but it wasn’t worth my mental health.
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Terrible place to work! Save your time!

Terrible place to work. The managers are rude and what they teach it doesn’t come to play when you’re on the phones. I got put on phone my 2nd day and at first I didn’t know what to do. And when I spoke up I got told I would be fired.
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It was fun atmosphere, the first eight years I worked there, but after that, not so much.

The hardest part of the job for me, during 2018 until I retired in October of 2021: There were not enough supervisors while working remotely, as well as NOT ENOUGH TRAINING- especially for people, like myself, who had been there the longest!Before management change- I enjoyed working there a lot more. However, outbound SALES were NEVER easy for me.
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is decent until you get in your perment workspace

Expect to work past your scheduled shift when closed for major holidays. If your lifestyle doesnt allow for that expect disciplinary action. If you are required to work 40 hours and cant skip your breaks to make up for those hours.
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