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Great culture and people

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Great place to with. People are open and friendly. Benefits are really good. Feels like management doesn't really know what direction to take the company in though.

Pro érvek

Flexible time off

Kontra érvek

Lack of advancement
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Low stress environment with support and many opportunities to grow.

The Madison site was a low stress environment yet efficient in getting work done. Having a site focused on collaboration and communication is to thank.
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Good place to be

Illumina has great culture and exciting new technology in the development pipeline. The pace could be too fast or too slow at times, but the overall everyone is working towards a tight deadline constantly. Management has good ideas and vision, but too often projects get cancelled with wasted effort. Expect to be on multiple project and be stretched thin, so it's important to prioritize your work correctly.

Pro érvek

cutting edge technology, talented people with humble attitude

Kontra érvek

Pay, constant urgency and being stretched thin
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Good: Facilities/campus is clean, events/sport leagues are fun. Bad: Workload is exorbitant, work-life balance is difficult to maintain.

Work-life balanceWork-life balance at Illumina is difficult to maintain.Pay & benefitsMy pay and benefits at Illumina are fair.Job security and advancementIn terms of job security at Illumina, I think if you perform well you have nothing to worry about.OverallMy experience working at Illumina is that they have the potential to be a great place to work, but fall short with disorganized chaos. Our guiding value “move fast and embrace change” is a great principle, but this is oftentimes perverted at the expensive of moving the ball forward too fast without addressing root cause issues that create unnecessary work and stress on teams and individuals; adding to the adage “work harder not smarter.” Often times there is a chaotic sense of urgency without clear direction forward, leading to a failure to properly document decisions and procedures, and teams must lean heavily on tribal knowledge.
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Illumina’s technology is pretty amazing and it has the potential to benefit so many lives. I am a rare cancer survivor myself and the potential of the technology led me to really pursue a job there. Unfortunately, Illumina only looks nice from the outside. On the inside it’s chaotic and political. My manager was pretty abusive. Even though I’ve left - my management is still harassing me at my new job. HR if you’re reading this - please let your managers know that that is not ok.
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Used to Be a Lot Better

Pros - Decent benefits - Nice campus (they typically have sports leagues year round) - Interesting technology - Smart and talented colleagues Cons - Most of the leaders who knew how to run things are gone or leaving - ERP and Quality Systems are a mess and clearly were not designed with the end users in mind - The operations organizations are not fit for purpose anymore and their leaders keep trying to just grind objectives out without properly supporting their teams, creating toxic and unsustainable work environments
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good product,good team

It was nice to work in Illumina. Documentation for product is not updated. The team is very friendly and knowledgeable. Free blood cancer test for employees.
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Nice place

exciting place to work in biotech. experiences can vary greatly depending on what office and department you work in. engineering departments can offer little support, but depends on your specidifc manager.
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Fast-paced company doing cutting-edge R&D

The company is doing amazing things, revolutionizing healthcare and medical care as we know it. The company prides itself on being open and embracing change, however, with that comes a lot of shortcuts and political games to gain leverage and grow alliances. It is extremely fast-paced, so it comes to no surprise that emails are being sent off well into the morning. Some employees seem to never actually sleep... But with that comes also rewards. Company-wide happy hour almost every quarter, with free beer and snacks.
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Stressful Environment with Reactionary Management

I took this job expecting to be treated like a valued professional. Over the course of time I realized there were too many people who were more concerned with the title they held rather than doing a good job of managing people. I reported to 2 managers, one of whom was my direct supervisor, and the other a manager of another department who continuously lost people under her. She made my life very difficult, had unrealistic expectations that didn't add value, which didn't help my standing with my own manager. I'm not negative, but it's clear expectations are high, as they should be from time to time, but many are unrealistic in most cases. There was a project I had been working on and it required that I interface with a lot of people, some of which were helpful, while others not so much so. Again this reliance on others didn't help me complete what was expected of me and I was railroaded out. And no, I'm not bitter; I'm more disappointed in myself that I hadn't done the research before taking the position. Most of the employees are stretched thin and there are too many meetings that not only interrupt workflow, but makes it nearly impossible to work with others who are stretched thin. In many cases it's so bad one colleague showed me his calendar and it was booked solid with meetings, so I asked how he does it. His response was; "just pick the meetings that seem the most important." Management by crisis seems to be the operative word, and there's a reliance to the cultural shift from being a RUO (research use only) to a FDA regulated environment and people - 

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Campus-like culture, honest attempts by upper management to make employees happy

Kontra érvek

Unrealistic expectations, management issues, employees stretched too thin, people concerned about what title they held
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Worst experience of my life.

This company despite the great stock price has the most horrible management structure I have encountered in my 30 year career. Favoritism & politics rule the day and night and career growth is impossible unless connected in the right circles of insiders. All the perks and the new buildings cannot even come close to being treated like trash every day, I did have a few great co-workers but most don’t stay long because of the toxic leadership. I cannot recommend anyone working their because it will affect health and well being, they have no work life balance; they make demands for all your time and then disrespect you. I have tendered my two week notice and have a better job/company waiting, Thank God.

Pro érvek

Stock price

Kontra érvek

toxic leadership
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