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Too much micromanaging and questionable management.

I worked here first as a temp then earned a conversion to FTE. A typical day at work was fairly simple, most days you're manufacturing and trying to hit your numbers. This was fine at first but became a problem as management was reluctant to hire staff as we kept losing workers. Extra work was then piled onto contractors and FTE's often resulting in low team morale, especially since the issue was brought to management many times with no luck or transparency. It wasn't all bad though, free lunches/parties and free company merchandise was super cool but usually only FTE's were included in that, not temps. Workplace culture was not the best. A lot of drama between shifts and even people in your team could sometimes make the environment hostile or stressful. It's a very fast paced environment so everyone is a little on edge, also didn't help management encouraged an environment in which people made others look bad in email chains. Hardest part about the job was the micromanaging and lack of support. Anytime we didn't hit numbers we had to give a whole run down hour by hour as to why we didn't meet goals. Management never listened to us when we told them we needed help because demand was up and our workload was increasing. Though, I did have some great times at this company too. The benefits were great as an FTE, the campus was beautiful, and I met great people. Ultimately, I chose to leave due to the lack of mobility in the company and the lack of support from leadership.

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  • Too much micromanaging and questionable management.