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Genomics is the single most important revolution of our time. It’s transforming every industry there is, from healthcare to agriculture to ecology. Illumina is an applied genomics technology company dedicated to making genomics useful for all. Our mission, to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome, fuels us every day. As the global – 

Life at Illumina

Illumina Internship Experience

Employees share their vision for the impact of genomics

Employee Stories

Phill joined Illumina in 2012 as a software systems engineer in Development. He designed and implemented instrumentation software for Illumina products and automated solutions for internal Iabs and manufacturing sites. In his current role of Manager, Engineering, Phill leads a cross-functional software development team charged with designing and delivering highly complex digital systems for customer-facing platforms. Listen as Phill shares why he chose Illumina and our impact on the world.

Illumina Career Profile: Clinical Lab Manager

Rita walks you through her typical day. Get a feel for the role's main responsibilities, like running samples and collaborating with others.

Illumina Career Profile: Bioinformatician

Find out how Daniel spends his day and how he envisions the future of bioinformatics.

Illumina Career Profile: AI Engineer

Greg explains a bit more about how AI works and how to be successful in this role.

Illumina Career Profile: Bioengineer

Find out what Erin works on, who she works with, and what motivated her to pursue bioengineering.