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"You used to sell PCs, hard drives, laptops... but what does IBM do now?" This is one question IBMers get asked all the time. In less than 2 minutes, this video effectively shifts the focus from where we've been to the new IBM emerging -- how our cognitive solutions and cloud platform technologies are transforming industries from healthcare, education, and retail to fashion, travel, and weather.

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Meet the new IBM. We're shaping the future of health, education, fashion, travel, green energy, and more, using revolutionary cognitive solutions, cloud computing technology, and quantum computing. Imagine the difference you could make working at IBM.


At IBM, work is more than a job—it's a calling. To build. To design. To code. To consult. To think along with clients and sell. To make markets. To invent. To collaborate.

IBMers work where their ideas make an impact. From developing software that transforms healthcare to designing next-generation sport stadiums, IBMers change the way that people
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  • How are you? You hanging in there? Oh how kind of you, we’re also good, thanks for asking. ☺️ Many of us are working remotely while continuing to help clients, candidates, communities and colleagues, but we remain strong together. We’re doing our bit with our partners and tech to help this global challenge, everything from supercomputing power to virus tracking and an AI assistant to answer citizens’ questions. 
From us to you, wherever you are in the world, we’re sending some 💙. A special thanks to all the key workers, scientists and healthcare professionals around the world working to keep us safe and well. Together we will get through this and we’ll be stronger than ever. Stay healthy both physically and mentally, you’ve got this. 👊 ✌️ PS: Our internal cat and dog Slack channels are going crazy, seems cats and doggos do love IBMers being around more! 🐱 🐈 📸: @pedropavanato
  • I’m Benin Saffo a bodacious, big-hearted, brave, brilliant and badass Product Manager at IBM where I get to lead and build Artificial Intelligence products in the ☁️. Being a native New Yorker and having been raised in the south gives me a special spice I’m forever grateful for. I graduated from the greatest HBCU in the Nation @famu_1877. I’m a proud 🐍 with a Bachelor of Science in Physics, yes I’m a nerd 🤓 and also a great golfer if I say so myself. ⛳ 
As we celebrate Women’s History Month I get excited because it’s a time when all women around the world have an opportunity to be themselves and fearlessly share our voices and victories. Being a black woman in tech has always been my story with a splash of creativity and innovation.  My passions are science 🧪, beauty💅🏿 and fashion 👗👠. 👁🐝 Ⓜ️ has been a place not only where I can do my best work, but be my entire self wearing my big curly afro then switch up to my Beyonce braids 😏, all while being a thought leader in AI sharing knowledge about the advancements of Tech with the community. 💡 I'm a Proud IBMer, shout out to all my fellow queens shinning and being trailblazers this month and always! 💙
  • Hello I’m Anna, a 2 x IBMer! In '92, I moved to Austin 🇺🇸 to work for Tivoli Systems. When Tivoli was acquired by IBM, I became an IBMer for the first time! 👊 Then I took a break to try out my dream of working in the fashion industry. When I had the chance to work for a well known designer, I jumped at it! My time in the fashion industry was fun and educational, but also exhausting. Who knew looking good was such hard work?! 😅 I also did a stint of modeling. I was on the runways at Fashion Week in New York, London , and LA! It was a bit weird being on the runway with models who were half my age! 
I rejoined IBM via IBM’s Tech Re-Entry program, a program for people who had taken a break from the industry. Everybody wins: people returning to the tech industry after a hiatus don’t have to answer the question of “What have you done in the past X years?“, and IBM gets experienced candidates. Now I’m back pursuing my first love, software engineering. I like to quip that getting paid to do what I love to do is one of the biggest scams going! I cannot be happier to be back at a company with such a vast portfolio of cutting edge, fascinating technology. I'm like a kid in a candy store! 💙
  • Hey! I'm Julie 👋 and I'm part of the Global Technology Services Client Innovation Center in Argentina 🇦🇷. I lead Internal Communications and the local LGBT+ Business Resource Group. In addition to my role in Global Technology Services, I am also an IBM volunteer in the corporate emergency and rescue brigade! 👩‍🚒 🔥 
When I studied graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires I couldn't imagine working and developing professionally the way I have at a multinational company like IBM. Much less that I would be leading diversity and inclusion projects, collaborating with corporate volunteer teams all while watching my family grow. 💙 
In my 13 years here, I've married my wife Eugenia 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 👩‍👩‍👦, we had our son Ramiro 👩‍👩‍👦 and became an inclusion IBM'bassador 🏳️‍🌈. Now I'm able to give back to my community and allies by ensuring I help create an environment in which we can all be ourselves at work, through actions and activities that create a supportive and inclusive culture.
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