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Typical day at work:
-Keep daily contact between requestors and suppliers

-Check incoming emails,quotes, contracts and invoices

-Purchase Order creation and followup to the suppliers

-Support invoice clearance, booking issues

-Negotatiation about best prices/goods and raw materials

-Negotiation with each supplier regarding prices, delivery date, and quantity available

What I learned:

-How to deal with different suppliers from UK, India or United States

-How to deal with market research and vendor evaluation

-How to create a purchase order from a purchase request

-How to make decisions regarding buying, communications and negotiation

-How to use SAP


I worked to inspire and motivate teamwork for achieving goals and influence valuable changes. I am always open to new ideas coming from team members. I believe in establishing an open discussion for decision-making. I recognize the skills of key team members and utilize their strengths to the benefit of the team.

My co-workers:

I like to work with people who are good at what they do, and enjoy doing it. I'm an enthusiastic worker, and it's satisfying to share the experience with people who are too.

I prefer to work with pleasant people who share some of my interests, but who leave work at work.

My ideal co-workers are all part of a well put together team. It's satisfying when everyone can do their part well, and it all comes together as a team effort.

The hardest par of the job:

Staying focused when I faced negativity,managing negative emotions Making a presentation to executive board - leading
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