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Hewlett-Packard provides one of the tech world's most comprehensive portfolios of hardware, software, and services. Products include PCs, servers, storage devices, printers, and networking equipment. Its services unit provides IT and business process outsourcing, application development and management, consulting, systems integration, and other technology services. HP's software products include enterprise IT management, data management, business intelligence, and carrier communications applications. The company markets to consumers, businesses, governments, and schools worldwide. HP Enterprise Services is the global business and technology services division of Hewlett Packard's HP Enterprise Business strategic business unit. It was formed by the combination of HP's legacy services consulting and outsourcing business and the integration of acquired Electronic Data Systems. Hewlett-Packard has been present in Hungary for over ten years. Its representative office, opened in Budapest in 1987, turned into a fully-owned HP subsidiary in May 1991. The company has about 1500 employees today. Besides selling Hewlett-Packard’s entire product portfolio, HP Hungary offers its customers services and solutions available in HP’s worldwide network (e-services, consulting, advanced product support).
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ein gutes Unternehmen, besonders für Berufsanfänger

ein gutes Unternehmen, besonders für Berufsanfänger
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Good work-life balance

Although professional advancement was limited (I held more job titles at the same time rather than being promoted) I enjoyed working at the company, mainly because of the supportive and friendly environment.
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buen ambiente de trabajo

Desarrollar el conocimiento técnico. Adquirir nuevas habilidades.
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Good starter

Mainly answering calls and writing e-mails. I learnt a lot about the customer service attitude and I improved my problem solving skills a lot. I needed all my patience, but I think it worked well and I didn't have any problems at all. My co-workers were friendly and they helped me a lot.

Pro érvek

Office environment

Kontra érvek

A little stressing sometimes
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Productive and fun workplace

I got used to multitasking, troubleshooting and taking calls while working at HP. Based on my results, which were above average I was promoted to be unlocker within the team. After 6 months, the Coach of the International Helpline team came to me, and asked if I want to join, where the support was in english and german. I immediately took the opportunity to raise my skills as a Technical Support Agent. Depending on my good case and call quality, and call handling, I was promoted to handle Exchange related issues like Mail Restore and granting accesses. I also completed the Career Preparation Path as Technician, and received my certificate. The team has a good atmosphere, thanks to this we have great team buildings. The hardest part is, when we encounter email backlog and have an outage as well, we need to quickly solve and maintain the issues. The most enjoyable part is, that if I can solve a difficult issue which exists for weeks. There is nothing more rewarding than to hear the user saying "Thank you!". Colleagues often ask me about some issues or calls, because I have a good overall knowledge of the processes and issues.

Pro érvek

team buildings, good atmosphere, good Database

Kontra érvek

difficult promotion tests
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