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  • Good place for tech enthusiasts

    Great place to work at for anyone looking to be challenged. It clearly is the go-to company if you're up for a challenge, fancy constant change and are willing to push through situations not everything is certain and you need to make decisions in spi...
    Strategic Accounts Manager / Sales Support Manager (Jelenlegi alkalmazott)
    Palo Alto, CA - 2020, január 21.
  • Fun and really cool workplace. Good benefits and diverse people

    Pros - Really cool office and it was really huge - Has a lot of cafeterias with free food, you can choose from Sushi, Steaks, Soups, Sandwiches etc - Supplies you with all the tools needed such as laptops, chargers, connectors, etc - People are v...
    Data Proctor (Volt alkalmazott)
    Manhattan, NY - 2020, január 21.
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