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Very fast-paced, friendly work environment

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2014, szeptember 15.
A typical work day consisted of first, logging into a given Android device, picking the orders shown, paying for them with a given Google credit card, and packing the purchased items securely for take off by the GSX Hub drivers. I learned how to think quickly on solutions to speed up our production, as we had to meet a set amount of pack cut off times for same-day deliveries. This was very challenging at least 80% of the time due to either poor connectivity with androids, packing printers, and low amounts of packing supplies at our workstations. I learned how to better have an adaptive working-style, whether I am placed alone at a vendor location or with a GSX team. We were to contact or "reach out" to management via email using our android phones if problems arose. Most of the time it would take a while to get a response, so problem-solving on your own or with your team was definitely a must. Mostly ALL of my co-workers were really great to work with. To be the most productive, it took great communication and jumping in where needed regardless of our set role that day, and we mastered that work flow. This to me, was the most enjoyable part of the job, an awesome crew. The hardest part of the job would have to be trying to make cut offs on time when the equipment given to us malfunctioned, and having to wait on email responses when reaching out about low packing supplies or other hiccups of the day. I would say that our management would sometimes bypass/miss our concerns all together by not thoroughly reading emails.
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Great Team, Great Work Hours, Weekly Pay
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Short Breaks, Frequent Device/Machine Malfunctions
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  1. Very fast-paced, friendly work environment