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Must be highly self-actualized, to thrive in a sometimes chaotic culture

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2018, november 18.
Google is great for Engineers. For managers of product, process, projects or of people you often have to "create your job", and maintain a high-performance image. You are told to do this by building your internal resume. And you should, always noting your "impact". You need to define your role and make sure your manager and your stakeholders understand it and agree. You may think hear you have the charter to blaze a new trail, but you need to be careful, there is a lot of coopetition, and some people would like to see you fail. Some people are guarding their territory and they don't think they need to align with your new process or whatever - and they don't . It's a tough place for a new "expert" type who's charter involves change. Do a lot of listening, and find ways to align with people and pick their brain. Ask questions. And travel to meet remote people you need to work with, in person, with an agenda. The Compensation/Benefits are good. Some positions and in some teams you need to be politically adept. The culture in many teams is not exactly friendly, especially if some external perceptions of the team are negative - it can feel a bit paranoid. Don't give in to that, and be positive, find the right goals to lend your support to and then help achieve them. Make an impact!
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Free food and benefits are great, but you know why they are there
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Google must be your life at first, Management is sometimes distant Having a life can be challenging.
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  1. Must be highly self-actualized, to thrive in a sometimes chaotic culture