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I'm a powerful, masculine, mgtow type of guy, and even I broke down crying on the datacenter floor

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2020, április 7.
Former Employee - Operations Engineer in Atlanta, GA

Positive Outlook

No opinion of CEO

I worked at Google (Less than a year)


The people are very nice and smart. the dress is casual. the cubicles are quiet. The food is good. A fun place to work.

The security staff is nice, and some will become good friends.


The datacenter never has enough tools.

You feel completely alone and it seems that you shouldn't ask questions once you're let loose post-trainig.

I broke down crying a few times on the datacenter floor because I couldn't find any answers or documentation from their intranet or from other employees.

They want a phd level of intelligence to work for 20$/hr.

Atlanta is the neglected "redheaded stepchild" data center.

Can be somewhat political, but if you don't get involved with or discuss politics anywhere on memegen or on the internal mailing lists or if you're smart enough to be engage in a neutral manner or pretend to side with the "correct" politics rather than your own political beliefs, you'll be alright.

I sweat a lot, and no one told me that I could bring spill-proof tumblers or clear drink containers on the DC floor!

The training was excellent. But safety protocols conflict with the speed that repairs MUST be accomplished. Eg: you must take shortcuts, like not wear globes when doing battery swaps, even if it's not safe. I was probably fired for not wearing gloves during the week that safety inspectors were onsite, however I was never told that they even have gloves or where they were! If you show people unsafe shortcuts, at
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