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Investment banking

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Did pitch books and ensured they were done accurately. Had to run valuations for some of the bigger clients and keep management happy. A lot of work and opportunities but, easily can burnout.
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Amazing workplace

Work with the smartest people in the room. Great pay. Great culture. Amazing benefits. Really understanding of individual needs. But remember to be competitive.
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Intellectually rewarding and fast-paced work environment

Working at Goldman Sachs is extremely intellectually rewarding and presents tremendous learning opportunities, be it in the form of challenging analytical/business problems or collaborating with some of the best minds in the industry.
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Pretty manageable wlb, but low pay

Tech is definitely in a lower tier relative to say Trading/Investment Banking. Overall the tech environment is pretty good but can never shake the feeling of being below bankers.
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Long hours

Hours can be extremely long. Help is not always given and upper management is not very concerned about work-life balance.Overall, would not recommend spending more than 2 years at Goldman
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It's okay - it could be a lot better, but could also be worse.

Pros- Amazing, smart people that you will work with. - Overall solid benefits package.- Name value of firm valuable for exit opportunities.Cons- Management seemingly does not care about junior employees. Actions speak louder than words. - Culture can be toxic at times. Typical office politics. - Low morale around the office recently. - Pay is lower compared to competitors.- WLB is tough to maintain on a regular basis.Advice to ManagementListen to your employees. Culture is weak and morale is low due to decisions made in recent months from management. Implement WLB-friendly policies (Permanent Hybrid schedule - at least).
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Dreadful management and leadership

I’m a lateral hire. So I don’t drink the kool aid. The worst management I’ve experienced in my career - they strip you of you engagement, motivation, enthusiasm. Shocking how employees are treated and demotivated. The asset management (public) is a sinking ship with huge turnover (they don’t seem to care). Avoid if you can. Oh and pay is pretty poor - the CIOS get a bonus envelope that literally doesn’t cover staffing numbers and performance.
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Learn a lot

Place is okay, dealing with customers via phone and chat all day. Very competitive environment but senior leadership do care about you and even try to learn what they can do better.

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Cut throat
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Good employer for rapid growth

If you seek growth opportunities, Goldman can provide. Not a bad place to get some experience, and the brand name is good enough to get in the door of big tech/HFT. Offers lower compensation as compared to tech industry. Not mindful of timezone differences. Very poor developer experience. Office politics is unavoidable. Engineering is second class citizen compared to rest of firm. No real benefits/perks. Lack of PMs - half the job of engineers is to understand finance concepts from uncooperative finance users.

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Projects can have good visibility, autonomy

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Long hours, legacy tech stack, disparity in compensation, strict RTO, ban on trading stocks
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Great Place to advance on a Finance-related path

Culture allows you to understand the overall picture of the financial market. Mentorship is a massive thing in GS and it becomes vital if you want to move laterally.
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Great place, good comp, great management

GS is a growth oriented firm and have a wide spectrum of business. Latest tech stack, great management and good compensation form the key components.Lot of opportunities for Internal mobility

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Employee Centric, Great Comp, Very smart people to work and learn with.

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Short term employment for site installation only

My job was to help a team of IT technicians to set up the Osaka emergency office after the earthquake in Japan in 2011. There really wasn't much technical about the job. Just setting up PCs and monitors and connecting them to the network.
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it is good

good place to work and nice place to hangout and culture is good and environment is clean and opportunities are many are there to work with and good salary
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My experience

very good place to work, the managers spend a lot of time in the development of junior employees and the benefits are good. the cons are the work life balance is not the best

Pro érvek

good benefits

Kontra érvek

a lot of work
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Don't work here as a contractor

Don't work here as a contractor, the management in the ABO is totally garbage. It really feels enslaving to work at Goldman Sachs. Most of the ABO operations are managed by Infosys. Infosys would make you work extra hours (without pay) to meet the false promises that they make to Goldman Sachs.
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Very stressful environment and no work life balance

No worklife balance and very stressful environment. Those who can do buttering they will be promoted. Long working hours. Inspire of getting good feedback from the client, manager will feel that you still need to work more
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Great managers. Can be flexible with your schedule if you request. Volume can be very high. Difficult for life and work balance. Pay and benefits are great. High pressure.
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Even taxi driver knows unrealistic work

Even taxi driver knows unrealistic work deadlines. Now if you don't have a job then work here they will provide a pillow so you can rest and continue to finish work as you wake up. Several analyst complained but exec enjoying at expensive islands.
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Don’t ever work here . They treat employees like little game pieces they can move wherever they want . Management is the worst , they took away our full lunches to better their look
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Grind to buff up the resume

It’s a tough job no matter where you start out, pay is less since they know you mostly care about the name and they will get as much out of you as they can since they don’t hire many people and run lean in each team
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great company. good environment. great benefits and great people. Local location but I enjoy getting away from New York City for a semester so cannot complain.
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