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3,4Munka és magánélet egyensúlya


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A place you can work for a long time if you don't have ambitious

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Pros: the Pay is ok, benefit can reach the average standard, good balance between life and work. Cons: Poor management, lack of career growth, employee stock purchase plan is not that attractive.
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Great company, gossip culture, terrible management

Great company but terrible management. Directors allow politics to enter and affect performance reviews. Favoritism is abound and culture exclusive. Team successes are NOT shared evenly with all, especially in terms of promotions and salary increases. Human Resources breaks confidentiality and divulges grievance information to superiors. Managers care only for their own success, not their reports. Watch what you say because there are ears everywhere that feed the gossip culture. Self sacrifices for team Gilead are forgotten at performance review time. Merit increase and promotion based on pure numbers, so researcher whom makes 100 dead compounds gets promotion and raise ahead of researcher that made 65 impactful compounds. IP contributions were NOT always rewarded with patent authorship.

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Great cafes with multiple locations, annual meeting attendance allowed

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employees without PhD are viewed as just "a pair of hands"
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flexibility and convenience

Good training and support from peers provided a pleasant workplace. Enjoyed the location and amenities e.g. cafeteria, walk area other facilities and social events.
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Amazing benefits, terrible work culture

Fun really depends on your department. Some can be fun, but some are dreadfully boring. The benefits are very good. I'm talking amazing 401k match, stock options, and other perks here and there. But the culture does not allow for work/life balance. Gilead tends to run lean, and people are more often than not, overworked. Management plays the entire suck up game and some management don't know what they are doing.
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Excellent Place to work

Gilead is an excellent place to work with. Full benefits, professional and smart people and scientists, good mission statement about unmet needs of AIDS patients, good training and promotion opportunities.
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Demanding but fulfilling work culture

Often requires demanding hours and is an intense work environment but rewards with good compensation, benefits, career development, and resource groups.

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ERGs and Communities, Career Development classes, Benefits

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Long Hours
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People are nice and benefits are competitive

Overall a great place to work. Salary/benefits are good and the people are great. Promotion process is sometimes more political than merit based. Need to be seen outside of your department or have a supervisor who will fight for you. If you are one of the workhorses you can sometimes be overlooked. But day to day work environment is good.
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Very fixed job functions, not easy for opportunities

The senior level management are very strong, However, mid level management didn't work out well. Low level managers and analysts suffer. Overall, workplace culture wasn't favorable, and analyst works were not appreciated.
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Hopefully moves from good to great

Great company, can have better culture, good minds and the strategy team is strong. It is still going through some growing up pains and hopefully in a few years moves on to great things. I am positive and hopeful.

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Great people

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can have better culture
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Gilead Sciences

I have learned so much working at Gilead. My coworkers are wonderful. Although every day has a routine, it is filled with engaging problems that we work through either as individuals or part of a team. No day goes by without learning something new and that to me is what life is all about.

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Benefits and bagels

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